Preview: Outside in Equinox Fall 2018 Festival

Outside in Equinox

September 21-23, 2018

Live Oak Campground

Santa Barbara, CA

An equinox is commonly known as the twice-annual phenomenon of the changing of the Earth’s tilt toward (or away) from the sun initiating the changes in the seasons. Celebrate this changing of the season as Summer turns to Fall at the EDM festival, Outside in Equinox. On the weekend of September 21-23, 2018, music, peace, and nature will join as one. The festival grounds will be in the lovely mountains of Santa Barbra, CA. Join the assembly of electronic artists, fans, as one with the equinox.

About Outside in Equinox

Throughout the history of mankind, many cultures have celebrated the coming equinox with rituals of dance and music. This perseveres through the 21st-century because EDM festivals thrive, if not, rule the entertainment industry in these modern times. One such EDM festival is Outside in Equinox, which is organized by the brand Outside in Movement. Hosting three days of camping at the Live Oak Campgrounds, Outside In Movement will certainly illuminate your spirit.

Seemingly a call to action, the festival will aim to leave the earth as nature intended. While bringing in families and friends for the joyous merriment of music at the equinox there exists a deeper purpose to keep the earth clean. Furthermore, Outside In Equinox is a community that shares a focus on sustainable festival living by the “Leave it Better” policy. Most importantly, this common purpose will inspire every festival goer to maintain the beauty of the Live Oak campground.

Festival Experience

Be prepared to witness technology and nature come together beneath the Californian stars. Live Oak campground has in the past, hosted festivals of unique and colorful fascination. So without any argument Outside In Equinox will be the perfect addition to the campgrounds hosting roster. Immersion in world-class music, art, sound, and lighting from among four distinct stages including The Dome. Also, a refreshing lineup of speakers and workshops are completely new to the festival and an especially influential part of the festival atmosphere. Outside In Equinox will undoubtedly be a free-spirited, divine, and abstruse musical event that EDM fans especially will not want to miss.

The Lineup

A diverse lineup is in order, and a proper following of festival life will surely see chanters and rain dancers from southern California and far away lands. The Outside In Equinox lineup has enlisted some of the most original and creative talents of EDM as well as electronic music sub-genres.

Featuring the San Francisco Acid Crunk hot shot AN-TEN-NAE who has just released a vibed chillout remix to Kyson’s “Every High”. BURD, the electronic trap remixer. Insomniac Discovery Project winner DR. FRESCH. The improvising piano electronic producer HAYWYRE. Santa Barbara’s very own TRAVELER will be making an appearance. Electronic love doctor SHALLOU, as well as zen frequency omitter RANDOM RAB, and many more. This festival welcomes artists, vendors, and merchants alongside the lineup. All to keep your prana shining throughout the entire weekend.

Preparing for the Festival

Just 15 miles North of Santa Barbara make getting to the pristine wilderness of Live Oak Campground fairly easy because of transportation options such as Amtrak service from downtown Santa Barbara.  More information regarding transportation and ticketing will be released shortly from the event organizers websites and socials available below.

The fall equinox is a time of change within our seasons, however, the summer’s manifest of festival spirit will live on through the autumnal event. The equinox is sure to make for a touching festival experience. Expect fluttering highs and vivacious lows to take one into a deeper level of the Self. So deep, if not, untouched until the experience of Outside in Equinox. At that, join the fleet of fidelity in an ethereal oasis for more than beautiful music.

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