Parookaville 2019: The City of Dreams

A preview of the annual summertime EDM festival Parookaville

Parookaville 2019 is coming to airport Weeze, Germany from July 19-21, 2019. This mega festival with camping and several stages continues to be the perfect recipe for a great festival for three previous editions now in its fourth year. Quite similar in size and music to Tomorrowland Belgium, and Airbeat One, Parookaville is among the best festivals of Europe. Have a listen to the sounds of the Parookaville 2019 EDM event from a special playlist featuring artists in this year’s lineup, below.

Parookaville 2019

What exactly is Parookaville? It is not only an EDM festival but it is much like a city as the name suggests. Why such a name as Parookaville? The answer to that question, lies in the story of the festival’s organizer, Bill Parooka.

Parookaville is a city that comes to life once a year to keep the legend of Bill Parooka alive.


The Legacy of Bill Parooka and Parookaville

Fact or fiction, is Bill Parooka just as novel a name as Parookaville? Some say it is merely a character created to for spirit of the festival. so the tale goes, that the fictitious Mayor of Parookaville, Bill Parooka, found the city to be a utopian city inspired by the life of EDM festivals. Whoever he is, oris not, this is the kind of guy One EDM loves. Thank you, Bill Parooka, for giving the world Parookaville: The City of Dreams. This dream is real.

The city of Parookaville

Yes, the city of Parookaville. These festival grounds take on the theme of Mayor Bill Parooka’s utopian city Parookaville, turning the site of airport weeze into the festival grounds for Parookaville.

Small town, big festival, and familiar places like a town hall are on the festival grounds, and a “festive” jail, too. Have a look at the city theme of Parookaville from the gallery below.

Camping: Districts of Parookaville

Parookaville is a city, so, there has got to be a place for its citizens to seek shelter, right. So, there are four established districts on the campgrounds of Parookaville. Each district offers a different level of comfort in camping

Base Ground, Mellow Fields, Comfort Camp, and Deluxe Camp name the four districts, but what do each offer campers? The main differences are in the proximity to the festival stages. So, deciding which one to reside in is more a question of how close to the action of the festival you want your tent. In the same order the districts were named, is the relative distance to the stages—Base Ground being the closest and the Deluxe Camp being the farthest. Of course, each district has its perks. Check them out on the Parookaville camping website.

Parookaville 2018 Aftermovie

This is not an ordinary video capture of a festival. Watching it was one motivation to dedicate the discussion below on just how special Parookaville is in comparison to other EDM festivals.

This high-production level of the Parookaville 2018 aftermovie produced in 4K is a big statement. Furthermore, the 14 minute length means there is lots worth watching, and it is time well spent.


From beautiful smile on attendees to friendly acknowledgments by artists like Steve Aoki wishing fans well for those dealing with loss of a loved one, and most especially, the late Avicii show this festival is full of positivity.

Festival grounds

Another look at the festival grounds from stages, campgrounds, food vendors, reveal a city-like atmosphere as may of the structures are carefully decorated to look like civilized buildings you might find in a festive part of a metropolitan city. Clean, well organized, and easily navigable as every attraction is labelled. Come nightfall, bright lights illuminate every step of the way through the festival grounds.

Stages and Music Variety

The stage designs are as pristine as they are stimulating. A well balanced style that is both elegant and festive. As for the festivities, Parookaville offers a generous experience of the full spectrum of electronic music and its sub-genres which reflects a very open-minded listeners who welcome a variety of styles in their musical appetite.

Candid festival experience

One aspect of the video is that it was seemingly candid. There was no scripted shots of say a festival attendee who goes and ends up falling in love, as if it takes a love story to sell the festival experience. Much of the video content was shot from a distance, capturing the natural flow of festival attendees. They are living it up, no scripts, just having fun and enjoying the spontaneity that ensues.

Parookaville 2019 Lineup

It is big. Like the variety of electronic music in general is big. The Parookaville 2019 lineup is big for this reason. The representation of electronic music genres spans it entire spectrum–or close to it. There is a lt of mainstream sounds, so, niche sounds of the underground may not be within the scope but you never know until the music starts playing. Furthermore, there are 11 stages with amazing artists outlined in brief below.


The main stage is the mainstay of EDM festivals where headlining artists showcase their industry leading sounds. Knowing that of course means the biggest names in EDM will be leading the party there at Parookaville 2019. Below, is a list of the headliners at Parookaville 2019 ‘s main stage. Some headliners include Afrojack, Felix Jaehn, Oliver Heldens and Steve Aoki. There are more artists at the main stage yet to be announced.

  • Afrojack
  • Alesso
  • Armin van Buuren
  • Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
  • DJ Snake
  • Felix Jaehn
  • KSHMR (Live)
  • Lost Frequencies
  • Martin Solveig
  • Oliver Heldens
  • Robin Schulz
  • Showtek
  • Steve Aoki
  • The Chainsmokers
  • Timmy Trumpet
  • W&W
  • Yellow Claw

Expect all melodic, vocal styles of EDM, house, big room, and techno from the headliners, and some out of the box style sounds from other artists in these playing in these genres at the mainstage.

Armin Van Buuren

Armin van Buuren is a headliner. Who knows what sounds he will bring to the main stage. Well established as a trance DJ and producer it could be a trance style set; however, recent productions by Armin van Buuren are EDM styled. For example, his summer 2018 house style anthem “Blah Blah Blah” and similar house tracks from his label Armada Music suit the main stage. He will bring some great tunes for sure.

This anthem style released on Armada Music in May 2018

Lost Frequencies

The headliner by the name Lost Frequencies brings all those frequencies of sound that have become lost and he brings them altogether in his soft and smooth house productions. Get ready for chill, feel good vibes from Lost Frequencies. Surely, his set will exude positivity setting the mood for the main stage. Check out his latest collaboration with Flynn titled “Recognise”, below.

This dance style track released on the Found Frequencies label in March 2019

Yellow Claw

Yes, Yellow Claw, is a headliner. Their unmistakable dutch style trap sound with house vibes is a sure fit for the main stage. Their recent album even has a more dubstep influenced take on their duth trap sound which really turns up the intensity against the more gentle EDM , house, big room style that will feature at the mainstage. At that, have a listen to their collaboration track “Give It To Me” with Nonsens below.

This dub step track released on the Barong Family label in March 2019

More artists and stages on the way

As for the rest of the lineup, there are several announced for each of the 10 remain stages with many more artists representing other genres. The stages include: Bill’s Factory, Cloud Factory, Power Plant, Time Lab, Desert Valley Stage, Wacky Shack, Brainwash, Casa Bacardi, and the Penny DJ Tower stages.

Each stage has a few artists already announced, but more are yet to join the complete lineup soon. Rest assured, trap, dubstep, bass house, hardstyle, trance, psytrance, tropical house, techno, tech house, and deep house will be heard. That is all the more to look forward to when the full lineup comes together.

Prepare for Parookaville 2019


Hurry, and get them now. They are nearly sold out. Of the 20 ticket options 18 are sold out so only two types of tickets remain. First, is those for the Regular Friday Visa at € 99 and the Regular Sunday Visa at € 89. Purchase them at the Parookaville ticket website.

Mobile App

The mobile app is the easy way to stay connected with all things Parookaville. Available for Android from the Google Play store and for i-phone from the Apple App Store.

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