Phoenix Lights Festival 2018 Recap

Phoenix Lights 2018

Attendees got a little sunburnt while experiencing the variety of music at 2018’s Phoenix Lights Festival in Chandler, Arizona on April 7-8. High hopes were heading into this event, as Relentless Beats, Arizona’s premiere dance-music production and promotion company, unveiled a brand new venue approximately one mile from their usual site, Rawhide Event Center.

The forecast for the fourth-annual music festival was a warm 90 plus degrees. Concert-goers were encouraged to stay hydrated and dress accordingly for the exciting weekend ahead in the Arizona desert.

Phoenix Lights Music Festival tweaked their lineup this year as they mixed genres by adding unique headliners like Travis Scott, Gucci Mane, and Metro Boomin. In addition to world-renowned EDM artists such as Martin Garrix, Diplo, Seven Lions, and Zomboy.

Day One

Hundreds of festival-goer’s arrived in the early afternoon. They were antsy to peak at the new venue the organizers explicitly created for Phoenix Lights. The sun was shining on the beautiful Saturday. Staff was cheery and ready for a delightful weekend ahead. Relentless Beats’ stage-production and visuals topped past festivals they have hosted such as Gold Rush and Decadence.

Relentless Beats brought in a football field worth of grass to their typical dusty, western venue. As a result, one felt less like they were trapped in the middle of the desert. The venue sported four stages of various sizes with unique alien-related names and numerous geometrical screens.

Bass and Dust Storms

The bass-heavy stage started out on Saturday with Ubur. Heavy beats and trippy visuals of the DJ’s performance set the bar for the weekend. The crowd was minuscule early in the afternoon as preparation and anticipation for Phoenix Lights was at an all-time high. During Ubur’s unique set, attendees got a good look at the festival grounds as there happened to be a mini-dust storm rising, which even swooped a few tents.

Hard House Vibes

The stages were split up by genre as fans were encouraged to mix it up all weekend and catch a variety of sets including GTA’s early afternoon Purple set at House Stage, which had the most shade coincidentally. The vibes were terrific as the stage was flooded with plants and greenery as dust surrounded the unique stage from all the colorful shufflers.

Bruno Furlan and Fisher impressed the colony as the shrubbery filled stage was tucked in the corner of the venue with large circular arches providing shade for attendees.

JOYRYDE brought the hard-house vibes to the Main Stage as the temperature began to cool down in preparation for the stacked night. His psychedelic trance and house beats captured the crowd and put smiles on concert-goer’s faces.

EDM Headliner’s Deliver

Next up was Seven Lions, and he gave listeners a peek into his world as his emotional melodies, and powerful beats made one want to sob and headbang at the same time. His production was top-level as usual, as his sets are always unique. Seven Lions recently announced his own curated event-series ‘Chronicles’ as well as his first show at Red Rocks in Colorado.

Headliner Gucci Mane was half an hour late and disappointed fans with a minimal 45-minute set. Martin Garrix then saved the night as he delivered a phenomenal, lengthy set to close out Day One of Phoenix Lights 2018. Confetti and fireworks filled the night sky multiple times throughout the Dutch-DJ’s set. It matched his passionate hits “In the Name of Love” and “Scared to Be Lonely.” Festival-goer’s danced their hearts out to Garrix’s set after a long, eventful day packed with an extensive array of artists.

Day Two

Fans headed back to The Park at Wild Horse Pass to catch Kasbo’s set early in the afternoon. The popular DJ did not disappoint. His flowy-beats and calming visuals excited the crowd early before the rest of the bass and heavy hip-hop lineup.

Kasbo hails from Sweden and will be playing at multiple large festivals this summer such as Electric Forest, Firefly, and Bonnaroo. Chris Lake and Morgan Page then gave their all at the Main Stage. Their funky house-rhythms also matched their bright, unique visuals.

Hard and Heavy

Another late rapper performance, this time from Metro Boomin, led one back to the Bass Stage. There, Midnight Tyrannosaurus and Boombox Cartel abducted the ginormous, hyped-up crowd.

Zomboy then invaded the Main Stage with his hard dubstep, killer beats, and the famous wall of death, where the crowd turns in to one giant mosh pit. There were high expectations, as in October when Zomboy performed at BOO! Arizona, attendees created the largest wall of death that impressed the English-DJ.

Zomboy also brought a different sound to the Main Stage as his atypical beats destroyed concert-goer’s necks and bodies.


Diplo switched up the vibes after an intense Zomboy set, making attendees dance and frolic while the majority of concert-goer’s lingered in the new, delicate grass. Diplo is a prime DJ and producer known for his top-notch remixes, funky beats as well as collaborations with popular artists such as Skrillex, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Usher, and more.

Travis Scott closed out the Main Stage, and Bear Grillz closed out Phoenix Lights 2018 with nothing but bangers.

A huge thank you to Relentless Beats for another fantastic Phoenix Lights Festival. Also, a very special shout out to the Relentless Rangers as they kept festival-goer’s refreshed and hydrated during the long, glorious weekend.

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