Q-BASE 2018 Announces Complete RAW Lineup

Q-BASE 2018 RAW Lineup

Q-Dance has assembled the Q-BASE 2018 RAW lineup to include Raw Hardstyle artists of the highest caliber. As such, these artists are best equipped with the raw power of music to accomplish the final mission. Join them at the stages as they unleash an musical assault from the DJ booths at Q-BASE 2018. Furthermore, continue briefing for The Final Mission  of Q-BASE 2018  with a detailed message from Nova in the video below.

The Hangar

Long-time artists such as Adaro, E-Force, and Frequencerz will dominate the decks with their history of dedication to Q-Dance. As such, each have taken previous responsibilities for composing Q-Dance brand event anthems to fuel the spirit of the fans and the parties: Adaro for QAPITAL 2013, E-Force QAPITAL 2015, and Frequencerz Q-BASE 2016.  Prepare to follow their lead with the rest of the artists at The Hangar for ultimate victory in the final mission at Q-BASE 2018.

Q-BASE 2018 RAW lineup
Photos and Graphics from Google Images; Edit by Eric Niebergall
  • Adaro
  • Bass Chaserz
  • D-Attack
  • Deetox
  • E-Force
  • Frequencerz “Stealth Mode”
  • Hard Driver LIVE
  • Jason Payn & Apexx
  • Myst vs. Degos & Re-Done
  • Rebellion
  • Rejecta
  • Warface
  • Hosted by Livid & Nolz

End of Line Area

Pushing raw, hard dance music to the end of the line is the spirit of the lineup at the End of Line Recordings stage. With the hardest hitting tracks in Raw Hardstyle coming from this label, such as “Wakin’ Up”-Warface & Regain (2016), the End of Line Stage is a commonplace for the die hards only. This may be the final mission of Q-BASE, but fans will take it to its own end of line from sheer brutality of noise at this area.

Q-BASE 2018 RAW lineup
Photos and Graphics from Google Images; Edit by Eric Niebergall
  • Artifact
  • Deesturb
  • Delete
  • Killshot
  • Warface
  • Hosted by Nolz

Spoontech Area

Spoontech Records comes from the underground to the mainstream Raw Hardstyle elite to fortify the forces necessary to take on the final mission at Q-BASE 2018. Prepare fearsome kicks such as those firing from the latest track entitled “Abomination” by Mind Dimension, Vazard & The Wicked Perfect to name just one force in the music this lineup upholds. Armed with a diverse artist lineup which recruits the melodic stylings from the talents of D-Verze and the raw power from the resurgence of Main Concern, Q-BASE 2018’s RAW lineup is complete.

Q-BASE 2018 RAW lineup
Photos and Graphics from Google Images; Edit by Eric Niebergall
  • D-Verze & Vyral
  • Genox
  • Hardstyle Mafia & Infirium
  • Main Concern
  • Mind Dimension
  • The Purge
  • Vazard
  • Hosted by Livid

About Q-BASE 2018

Q-BASE 2018 will take place on Saturday, September 8, 2018 for the last ever edition after a 14 year run. Gracing the festival grounds each year within the structures of the retired WWII era air-base in Weeze, Germany for an end of Summer ravestyle event, Q-BASE is known for bring dark themes with harder dance music to match.

This year’s theme The Final Mission invites it’s fans to take in the final moments of Q-BASE. View the ongoing news updates from the official Q-Dance webpage for Q-BASE 2018: The Final Mission. There is more music to enjoy: have a listen to the Q-BASE 2018 RAW Spotify playlist below.

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