Recap: Ever After Music Festival 2018 – Stellar Sets but Lackluster Logistics

Ever After 2018

Ever After Music Festival took place in Kitchener, Ontario on June 8-10. The 3-day camping festival featured an impressive lineup, three stages, midway filled with games and rides, a waterpark, and plenty of vendors. An estimated 30,000 people attended the Canadian music festival for its fourth year on the scene. Ever After set the festival season in motion providing fans with amazing sets from DJs such as Excision, Borgore and Liquid Stranger.

Ever After Music Festival takes place in Kitchener, Ontario about two hours outside of Toronto. People from all over the world migrate to the festival each year ever since its cardinal appearance onto the Canadian music scene. Kitchener is a small, rural city and each year they open their doors to Ever After.

Day 1

Ever After opened its gates at 5 p.m. on Friday, June 10 kicking off the weekend with a set by TrollPhace on the main Excalibur stage. Canada’s own, Snails played an amazing set, setting the mood for the weekend with his heavy drops and unique sound.

Slander also left their mark on the fest with a memorable set. The DJs filled their set with insane drops along with some throwback tracks. The duo’s performance left fans with a heavy case of the feels. The festival’s stacked lineup impressed throughout day one, finished off with a back to back (B2B) set by legends, Flux Pavilion and Doctor P.

Day 2

Saturday’s lineup featured some heavier dubstep on the main stage and mostly house music at the Upside Down House stage. Svdden Death started the day at the Excalibur stage and hyped the crowd for what was to come for the rest of the weekend.  AC Slater had fans beaming throughout his set as well at the Upside Down House stage.

The Excalibur stage was on fire with 12th Planet performing a jaw-dropping set. Following an impressive set by 12th Planet was another heavy performance from Borgore. The Buygore Records owner played a classic set with intense drops and provocative visuals.

An absolutely unforgettable performance from day two and the weekend overall was one from Liquid Stranger. The Wakaan label DJ switched up the vibe on the main stage with his wonderfully weird sound. Liquid Stranger had the crowd moving throughout his set and played hits of his own along with some new tracks. A truly memorable set from Liquid Stranger set an amazing vibe at the main stage.

Day 3

The final day of Ever After was hands down the best day for dubstep lovers alike. Sullivan King, Boogie T B2B Squnto, Getter, and Badklaat are just a few of the DJs that made day three special.

Gracing the main stage for day three was Space Jesus, dropping hits of what some may say, “biblical proportions”. Space Jesus is another Wakaan DJ that crushed it at Ever After. Subtronics played at the Upside Down House stage, but his performance was meant for the main stage. He played some heavy riddim and performed a complete set that many absolutely loved.

Finishing off the weekend was Canadian DJ, Excision. The founder of Lost Lands music festival played the best set of the weekend. Excision’s hits such as “Throwin’ Elbows” were being dropped by many DJs throughout the festival. But no one else could top his stage presence and performance.

Fan Response

Ever After displayed a stellar lineup and DJs played amazing sets throughout the weekend, but many fans had some other things to say about the festival. Positive reviews for the organization of the fest were few and far between. There was a lack of water stations, only one being provided for the entire fest of 30,000 people.

Also, according to a report from CBC Canada, there were only six noise complaints this year down from 130 in 2017. Unfortunately, the article also contained reports that 32 people were taken to the hospital. The noise complaints from locals may have been a positive for the city, but festival-goers were upset by the low volume inside the venue.

Here are some of what fans  had to say:

Photo via Ever After Music Fest Facebook Page. Photo via Ever After Music Fest Facebook Page.

The overwhelming amount of negative reviews is a testament to what needs to be done to improve these problems for 2019. Fans are doing their duty to let the festival know what went wrong in hopes that they will respond with an improved set up in the future. Although there are negative reviews, Ever After had many amazing aspects to it.

Ever After Response

Ever After Music Festival provided an official statement on the negative reviews,

“It’s exciting to see Ever After Music Festival grow year after year. We’re always attentive and expecting feedback from our festival goers and constantly look to our social feeds. Engaging with what people are saying to hear their love, support and excitement for EAMF but also how we can do better, whether it be in real-time or for next year. We value our ‘Adventurers’ opinions and concerns and take their feedback into consideration. As we decide how to improve and become a bigger and better festival each year moving forward. It’s important to have our finger to the pulse of this community. And we have already begun planning improvements to areas for 2019.”

Final Thoughts

Ever After Music Fest was indeed a success as far as lineup and performances went. The Canadian music festival lived up to its expectations in providing fans with quality music and activities within the festival. But for 2019, fans are definitely hoping for an all-around improved organization of the fest.

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