Recap: ORIGINS 2018 – Deep House Vibrations

Recap ORIGINS 2018

RBDeep put on an amazing show this weekend as they debuted ORIGINS 2018, a festival featuring underground EDM artists. This was the first festival of this caliber for RBDeep and they blew fans away with a fantastic lineup. Artists came from around the globe to perform for fans in the desert. With a spectacular closing set by Duke Dumont. It was a desert delight for fans who enjoy more deep house style music like Autograf, Justin Jay, and Lane 8. There has been a lot of positive buzz about people’s experiences on social media.

Sean Watson & EDX

The night opened up with Sean Watson at 3:00 pm. He played a beautiful afternoon performance to start the concert off right. Up next was EDX. His transitions were so smooth, so angelic. An artist with exquisite timing, his set really amped up the crowd with his tempo and good feeling melody. He even threw in some high-velocity percussion which created a huge dance party in the security line as people were waiting to get in. EDX finished off his last song alongside Nora En Pure, a beautiful transition between two very talented artists.

Nora En Pure

Nora En Pure appeared for a special sunset performance for ORIGINS that really stole the crowd’s heart. There was a sense of excitement in the air as people converged together for Nora’s first song. She started things off with a slow, entrancing melody, the kind that entices the body to sway. Then she got real funky as her deep house vibes set in. Her whole set, she was incorporating small snippets of exotic noises, like animal calls or water droplets. The unique sounds can draw the mind’s attention and entice fans into concentrating on the elements of her music.

Nora En Pure, Photo By Redlight Management

To give you some detail, Daniela Niederer (Nora En Pure) is a South African-Swiss DJ who loves weaving her South African influences of tribal percussion and classical instruments into her music. She incorporates a lot of wind instruments, piano chords, and synthesizers to integrate realistic nature sounds. Her own raw style puts a spin on traditional deep house, using more sounds than melody to emphasize a song’s chorus. She is truly a unique artist and an absolute treat to see in person. She played from sunset until nightfall and her set lit the night with excitement.


Up next was Autograf who came ready with some futuristic beats. Two artists and a derivatives trader, Jake CarpenterLouis Kha, and Mikul Wing led to the creation of Autograf. A shimmery mix of futuristic electronica that combines the skills of their former day jobs. They played some crowd favorites including “Nobody Knows” featuring vocals from WYNNE and “Hope for Tomorrow,” a new single with vocals from Dragonette. They did a fantastic job and performed a sensational set.

Lane8, photo by Luis Daniel Colato

Lane 8

Continuing on, Lane 8 performed and his set was definitely a crowd pleaser at ORIGINS. The lights were spectacular. The music was electrifying with it’s upbeat tempo and deep house flair. Fans were in for a treat as Daniel Goldstein (a.k.a Lane 8) incorporated different styles of house into his set. He even threw in some of his experimental “glitch-pop” to keep the dancing momentum up. Lane 8 started gaining a wide reputation when he released “Rise” in 2015 with the Anjunadeep Label. Since then he has been a staple figure in the deep house community, adding his own unique twist to house music. There were people dancing all over the grassy field as his beats drifted over the desert terrain. It might have been a cold night but with the insane beats Lane 8 threw down, it was easy to heat things up.

Duke Dumont

Duke Dumont, Photo from Homepage

Ending the night with a true roots deep house set was Duke Dumont. Adam George Dyment (Duke Dumont) is a British musician, songwriter, DJ, and record producer. He dropped some iconic beats from a few of his best tracks including “Ocean Drive“, “I Got You“, and “Need U (100%)“. In 2014, “Need You (100%)” won a Grammy Award for ‘Best Dance Recording’. Duke Dumont puts an insane amount of time and energy into his performances. When speaking to Red Light Management, Duke said this about performing:

When you are performing music at a live level, things can get very competitive. Is the act before you going to be more aggressive, louder, are their lights going to be bigger and better? The thing a lot of people lose in that respect is that music should have a lot of emotion to it. It should be heartfelt. It should trigger something.

He was true to the deep house vibes of ORIGINS, with the bass-line percussion patterns and alternating tempos. It had the crowd embracing and dancing together. It was a truly fantastic night full of very talented artists.

Autograf, photo by Luis Daniel Colato


The event took place at Rawhide Event Center in Chandler, AZ. RBDeep went with a different approach this time, blocking off a small area of grass on the lawn for the stage. It is in another area of Rawhide called  “The Park“, where they hosted the Goldrush main stage this year. It helped to reduce the amount of dust in the air but it did mean dealing with colder temperatures when the sun fell. A light jacket helped well into the night but it did get quite nippy around 10 p.m. The stage was very roomy and allowed people to gather in front, or along the side and still see the stage.


The VIP setup was amazing for ORIGINS 2018. They had a whole elevated section off to the right side of the stage with leather couches and tables. Plus, there was a standing area that lead right up to the front side of the stage for exclusive VIP front row action. They also had their own private bar and restrooms. I have yet to see a better setup for VIP tickets.

In addition, they had an elevated ADA area set up for accessible by all and a spotlight off the back side of the sound booth for shufflers to show off their best moves. It was awesome to see so many talented dancers showing their skills, some even shuffling together. It was a rather intimate affair with plenty of room to sit, dance, talk, and enjoy yourself.

ORIGINS Nightfall Afterparty

Then RBDeep kept the party going with a special ORIGINS Nightfall afterparty. Lane 8 played a special set for fans in the Rawhide Steakhouse Saloon located just outside the concert gates. He was joined by artists Michael Hooker and Alaska. It was only offered to festival attendees but they did charge a $25 fee for entry.

RBDeep put on quite a weekend of memorable shows and Arizona fans are excited to see what unique talent they will bring to the valley in 2019.

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