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MIKNNA is the true definition of the brilliance in natural raw talent. A talent that gives itself life and shoots for the stars. Mike B and Ken Nana always deliver and it is time you get to know them better. This past Friday, May 11, 2018, the Los Angeles dynamite-duo brought their electro-soul masterwork to a sleek and sultry nudge in the lower east side of New York City.

Mercury Lounge, right on East Houston, housed the compelling artist and producer group as they performed their vibed-out catalog. All your bounce cravings paired with rhythmic and electrifying beats painted the four walls with soulful vocals, and OneEDM was there to marvel at it.

Photo Credit: Sean Nana
The L.A.-based pair has been releasing  EP’s and singles as independent artists off of their label NANA LIFESTYLE since 2016. In just two short years, the growth and consistent notable material they have produced has caught the attention of fans from coast to coast. Now it was the Big Apple’s turn to experience the animate forte of MIKNNA.
The success of last years 50/50 Tour called for the guys to hit the road again. Returning to the city that never sleeps, Mike and Ken performed old favorites and their latest release ‘VORTEX’ EP, a two-track paper trail of bass-heavy hip-hop.


Mercury Lounge is known for their up-and-comers and indie headliners thus making MIKNNA the perfect fit for this quaint music venue.  Opening the show the guys invited Chicago electronic R&B funk singer Mari.  With his talented band and rhythmic flow, he warmed up the crowd and hyped up the crowd for Mike and Ken. Moving over the stress of the week Mari built up the audience and availed the anticipation for MIKNNA.  Pink stage lights shined down towards the main floor coating the crowd in one chill downtown scene.


It was about ten minutes after midnight and Mike B and Ken Nana showed the East coast why the LA music scene is poppin’. Ken’s synths come alive as the distinct digital intro of “Mona Lisa” circulates the room. The vocals of Mike B draping over the crowd instantly made the people sway. Beat makers and synths surrounded Ken Nana as he orchestrated and composed like a millennial song-smith. Looking around the room an aura of good vibes among the many colorful faces captures your attention. Dropping popular hits from 50/50 EP the excited bunch couldn’t help but sing along to every lyric.
As the songs rolled on the vibes raised up. Tracks like “Euphoria” and “Ness” cooed, wooed and made you “love the way you feel.” Sidestepping into their new material from the latest EP Vortex, MIKNNA shined the entrancing jewel that has got their fans hooked. The bass of “Axis” hit you deep into your “Core,” presenting a West Coast flavor that the East Coast needs more of.
The Vortex is a clear representation of their contribution to Hip-Hop and R&B, making this duo definitely one to watch. Ken’s stellar production complimenting Mikes big heart vocals are the ideal ingredients any electro-soul lover would need. Independent artists with an efficient sound that could top radio airwaves today are what comes to mind when you think of MIKNNA. The charisma and allure of these two gentlemen keep you engaged. As Ken Nana lays his composition of electronic rhythmic finesse, Mike B flows and drifts into his lyrical grip.
Photo Credit: Sean Nana

One More Song

It does not take more than these two musical souls and their passion for their art and fans to make one perfect lower Manhattan evening. The best part had to have been the tease of new material off of their forthcoming full-length album.  After playing their whole collection of released music, the crowd began shouting “one more song, one more song!” So what do you do when your fans are demanding more? you give it to them.Hesitant with revealing something brand new, MIKNNA blessed the audience with a  foolproof and faultless new track. A never before heard untitled track with a sound made to be a lead single. A cruise of a tune rumbled in the room as Mike sang “electrified when you’re with me,” and that is exactly what is felt with “MIKNNA electricity.”

Meet & Greet

After closing the show Mike and Ken welcomed their fans to stop by the stage and say hello. As people lined up to give praise, the fellas showed their appreciation and gratitude. It is strongly recommended that you get familiar with MIKNNA. Their determination, talent, heart, humility, and style are just a few reasons to attend the next show.
Look out for their full-length album dropping summer 2018.

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