RHA Festival Releases Phase 2 Lineup

RHA Fest 2018

RHA Festival recently announced the phase one lineup, exceeding expectations and bringing forward high-quality artists. Only to spoil us more, the festival announces it’s second and final phase of the 2018 bill. Taking place May 25-26, this beach fest will return to the beautiful coastal resort Riviera Nayarit in Mexico.

RHA Festival

The second round of artists features Vatos Locos honcho HECTOR; house maestro Miguel Megs; Berlin-born Nico Stojan; Mexico legend Liam Fitzgerald;Yoruba Records owner Osulade; disco house Tropicool; and RHA resident DJ Sonosfera.

This announcement completes the lineup for the second edition, indeed, bringing much excitement to Mexico’s festival circuit as they produce more and more talented acts.

In addition, phase one featured heavy-hitters in the house and techno scene. The likes of Luciano will be making his return to Mexico for the first time in three years. Charlotte De Witte will bring some heavy techno as well as Dirtybird Player Justin Martin.

Furthermore, tickets start at $100 USD and are available for purchase here.

The Lineup (Alphabetical Order)

Charlotte de Witte
Doc Martin (Sublevel Live)
Harvard Bass
Holmar (Formerly of Thugf*cker)
Justin Martin
Lee Foss & Anabel Englund (Live)
Liam Fitzgerald
Marques Wyatt
Miguel Migs
Nico Stojan
Rodriguez Jr. (Live)
Zen Freeman

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