Richie Hawtin Announces the Return of “CLOSE” to North America



Saturday, December 8, 2018 @ 10:00 PM (EST)

Great Hall-Avant Gardner

140 Stewart Avenue

Brooklyn, New York

CLOSE-SPONTANEITY & SYNCHRONICITY (CLOSE)is an age 21+ years event. Ticket Pre-sale begins Wednesday, July 25, 2018, and is accessible via the official event web page.  Rates vary between $45-$60, and the pre-sale code is CLOSELIVE. Go and get them now, otherwise, general ticket sales commence Monday, July 30, 2018.

Graphic from Richie Hawtin Facebook

CLOSE Returns to American Shores

The name Richie Hawtin is an iconic one in electronic music and evermore now that he combines his musical talent with his well known technologic savvy in his one-man show called RICHIE HAWTIN: CLOSE-SPONTANEITY & SYNCHRONICITY.

Photos from CLOSE Richie Hawtin Website; Edit by Eric Niebergall

Several editions of CLOSE all over the globe, yet those on American shores are far and few in between: Palm Springs in April 2017, Detroit in May 2017, and Miami in October 2017. The next and only edition of CLOSE to grace the North American territory during its 2018 World Tour is scheduled for a show in Brooklyn, New York. This edition of CLOSE takes place at the Avant Gardner venue on Saturday, December 8, 2018.

Photo and Graphics from Avant Gardner Website; Edit by Eric Niebergall

This is doubly exciting since the news came with the launch of ticket pre-sales. Since the announcement of CLOSE, audiences show a positive reaction. See for yourself from the Facebook fan posts below.

Screenshot from Richie Hawtin Facebook

Legacy of CLOSE: Concept and Artistic Value


The musical concept, CLOSE, explores the relationship between human creativity and the innovative technologies. It shows the relationship not only enables the artist’s creative self-expression, but also, it shows the dynamic privileges. To witness this in its essences means attending a showing of CLOSE. Afterall, getting close to it all is the main point of this musical concept.

Listen to Richie Hawtin’s own words as he explains his way through a visual demonstration of the concept of CLOSE in the video below.

CLOSE opens the DJ booth for a transparent masterclass in the concepts of Spontaneity and Synchronicity. Also, it represents how far the art of DJing can be pushed today because a completely improvised performance, such as CLOSE, means no two shows are the same. By extension, each show thereafter generates a unique creation. That is CLOSE.

Graphic from Richie Hawtin CLOSE Website

Artistic Value

Award-winning recognition for this great demonstration of audio-visual talent. For example, the show garnered such attention so as to recognize Richie Hawtin as among the 2018 nominees for Best Live Performance DJ Awards, and formerly the 2017 award for Best Live Performance at the 2017 DJ Awards. Having debuted the concept at Coachella followed by shows at Primavera Sound, Amsterdam Dance Event and Vivid LIVE at the Sydney Opera House, Richie Hawtin impresses a global audience.

Photo from DJ Awards Website

Richie Hawtin and the New York City Arts Community

The tour’s stop in New York is symbolic because there is a  joint similarity among New York City and Richie Hawtin as both are a source of inspiration for cultural phenomenon, creative innovation and artistic expression. Their shared legacy adds meaning to this already phenomenal event. Richie Hawtin’s recognition as a talented artist mirrors that of New York’s geographical significance as a destination for showcasing artistic talent. Richie Hawtin testifies New York’s practicality in his career as an artist:

New York has been important to me since the early 1990s from the early Storm raves, record shopping at Sonic Groove, and meeting new friends like Joey Beltram and Sven Väth at New Music Seminar, to years of great times at different clubs and venues from Brooklyn to Manhattan. I’m looking forward to presenting CLOSE at Avant Gardner, a show where I feel you get to see me at my best!

The upcoming edition of CLOSE will be yet another example of New York City’s support of artistic demonstrations. Also, the event will further inspire Richie Hawtin to deliver another fine performance. That is a promise that is just about proven itself as much as the test of time has shown he is everstill pioneering the arts and that of his own career.

Photos from CLOSE Richie Hawtin Website; Edit by Eric Niebergall

About Richie Hawtin

Richie Hawtin’s pioneering work crosses over artistic and cultural fields in more ways than one. Firstly, his collaboration with the Sculptor Anish Kapoor at the Grand Palais in Paris; secondly, his live performances as Plastikman at the Guggenheim in New York for fashion designer Raf Simons; thirdly, creating soundscapes to the photographic work of Andreas Gursky at the Gagosian in New York and K20 in Dusseldorf. Richie Hawtin’s electronic productions and DJ sets are among his most noteworthy examples of his versatile music talent because they make him one of history’s most respectable artists to emerge from the early 1990s techno scene.

Graphics from Richie Hawtin Facebook; Edit by Eric Niebergall

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