RL Grime’s ‘Nova’ Tour Brings Trap Music Across the Nation

RL Grime Taking Over

If you want trap music, look no further than RL Grime’s ‘Nova’ Tour. The tour, which spanned over almost two months and covered most of the continental United States was a major highlight for RL Grime. OneEDM was fortunate enough to attend one of the tour’s stops in Broomfield, Colorado.

RL Grime

RL Grime, also known as Henry Steinway, began his career in electronic music in 2011 when he joined the WeDidIt collective with the likes of Shlohmo, Groundislava, and D33J. Before this, he was making music under the alias Clockwork, focusing more on the big room main stage sound. Just one short year after, Steinway stunned the music scene by releasing his and Salva’s remix of Kanye West’s “Mercy”. The track pioneered the way for a new genre of electronic music known as “trap”.

Trap music combines electronic sounds with bass-heavy drums known as “808 kicks”. It was first used in southern-rap and hip-hop music. RL Grime is one of few artists to revolutionize such a sound that is still used in songs to this day.

Colorado Show

It was with absolute pleasure and excitement that OneEDM experienced the ‘Nova’ Tour at 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, Colorado. The night began with Kittens warming up the decks. With her upbeat style that combines electronic beats with hip-hop music, Kittens was the perfect candidate to open for RL Grime. Graves and Jai Wolf then offered the audience groovy sets. Graves plays a down-tempo, darker style of trap music. Jai Wolf plays more melodic, beautiful, and thrilling beats. The three DJ’s seem like complete opposites to each other and the headliner. However, they were flawless additions to the line-up. The music styles, while somewhat conflicting, captured a perfect balance of style that RL Grime plays during his sets.

RL Grime at Red Rocks

At the end of the evening, the wait was finally over. Those who came, whether new fans or old, we are finally seeing RL Grime in his true glory. While this was not the first tour Steinway has done as an artist, it was certainly his best. Everything from the opening acts to Henry himself was portrayed in the best way possible. Attendees experienced a perfect showcase of the style and genre RL Grime produces.

The visuals were also exactly what you would expect from an artist experienced in the dark, bass-heavy side of electronic music. RL Grime played some of his biggest tracks, new and old. All in all, it was a great night to be an RL Grime and trap-music fan.

‘Nova’ Tour

The tour spread over 20+ cities and lasted two months. While OneEDM was not able to attend all the stops, based on the performance at the 1st Bank Center it is safe to assume that the rest of the nation was not disappointed.

OneEDM would also like to thank Henry Steinway, his management team, Humbert, and the rest of Biz 3 Media Firm.


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