Santa Cruz Music Festival: Recap and Photo Gallery

Santa Cruz Music Festival 2018: Recap

How do you make one of the coolest beach towns in California even more groovy? You throw a music festival in the center of it.

This past weekend, music fans from all over California gathered for Santa Cruz Music Festival, as 13 venues scattered throughout the city opened their doors and gates to deliver an action-packed weekend of music.

The Lineup

Mija, K?D, Mr. Carmack, Justin Jay, Sacha Robotti, Of the Trees, and many other incredible artists and bands played throughout the weekend. The first night was successful despite a little bit of rain.

The indoor venues saved the day along with a killer set from K?D. Of course, we have to give credit to the man Justin Jay and his Fantastic Voyage. The 22-year-old is taking live electronic music to a new level. Justin and the backing band for Justin Jay and the Fantastic Voyage put on a spectacular performance on the main stage. Justin also did a solo DJ set at another stage in the park in downtown Santa Cruz.

To wrap it up, Mija and Mr. Carmack closed out the weekend right. Mija is always impressive, and this set was nothing less than that. Furthermore, Mr. Carmack brought his usual trap and bass to the stage with an incredible visual display.


Of course, the main stage at the Santa Cruz Civic Center was the main attraction but between the streets of Walnut and Lincoln on Pacific Avenue lay the not so hidden gem MOTIV. This two-story bar/club was packed the whole weekend. As you walk in the front doors one would just expect a typical bar. Other than a subtle sound of vibrating bass it seems like a pretty standard place with a lovely couple of bartenders.

Then, something catches your eye and ear. That bass is coming from this bar! You gaze towards the lights shining from the back of the bar. As one walks past the bar and into the back room, it all comes together. Mirrors, quality sound, and lights create an intense underground club atmosphere in the back of MOTIV. Upstairs, a place to sit down and order a drink or food and a sweet spot to take a break from the action.

City festivals are always a little different than a camping festival or a venue festival.  There’s a little more walking and little more bouncing around from stage to stage. It can be more confusing to get around but, that’s half the fun!

There’s something special about the city festival experience. Also, being able to explore a new place and new music at the same time compliments both actions. SCMF sure was a unique festival experience.

For more photos of Santa Cruz Music Festival 2018 and more on the festival, head to SCMF.

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