Shaky Beats 2018 Recap

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Shaky Beats 2018

The weekend was nothing short of amazing for those that attended Shaky Beats. The weather was perfect, the sun was shining and the dust was in full force. Temperature did not stop most from having the time of their lives. In the heart of Atlanta, Georgia at Central Park May 11th-May 13 2018, in between tall buildings is where the dancing took place. The city vibes beamed throughout the festival. It was such a pleasure to be able to be a part of this experience. Shout out to the Paradocs team who kept everyone safe and sound all weekend.

Day one – Friday May 11th 2018

The line up was stacked all day, to start was London On Da Track. He is a hip-hop producer, who has so much talent. His mixes went from hip-hop to EDM music and kept the crowd thumping, one of the top sets of day one. Friday was primarily all bass music, aside from Ludacris, London On Da Track and Marshmello. Before Luda took the stage, One EDM sat down with bass music producer/DJ; Minnesota for an exclusive interview.

Unfortunately we had to miss his set to see none other than Ludacris.  Another best set of Friday went to Ludacris. Everyone, all walks of life enjoyed his set as he dropped hit after hit. He took us back to the early 2000’s for a flashback Friday. Next on our list of favorites was Marshmello. No matter how much people dislike Marshmello, his set was amazing. The pyrotechnics, each song he played and the outfit is a staple to the community. Looking around the Peachtree Stage while he was on, everyone’s faces lit up, everyone was singing along and all bodies were dancing to the beat.shaky beats

Day two – Saturday May 12th 2018

This day was even hotter than day one, which just meant, drink more water and cool down a bit. Running from stage to stage to see some of our top favorites. To start the day was Ookay. May 4th, 2018 Abe dropped his first album ” Wow! Cool Album!,” which already is turning out to be a huge success. He performed a live set for all at Shaky Beats, with colorful pop culture visuals, live vocals and rocking out on the keytar. Next was the lovely dj duo Bonnie x Clyde on the Ponce De Leon Stage. There is just something about live vocals that makes a performance, lots of crowd interaction and of course the #rosegang.shaky beats

Today was definitely more of a diverse line up. Another notable act was dance music legend of the late 90’s and early 2000’s Wolfgang Gartner on the Criminal Records stage. Criminal Records stage was the small, tucked away stage with tons of shade. It’s not about the size of the stage, it’s the beats that count, and Wolfgang did not disappoint in that aspect. To close out day two there was Zedd, his visual production was astonishing.

Day three – May 13th 2018

Day three is always such a buzz kill. It goes way too fast and always ends too early.  Troyboi started off day three on the fly. His style is amazing and stage performance is even better. Kayzo ripped up the dusty vibes of the Piedmont stage. Hit after hit, hard beat after hard beat, his set was definitely a favorite of day three. Running from Piedmont stage to the Peachtree stage for none other than Louis the Child. Hailing from Chi-Town, these dudes know how to keep the crowd interested. Between their catchy tunes to their colorful visuals, fun was had by all in attendance.shaky beats

We left a few minutes early to catch Seven Lions in the dust storm back over at the Piedmont Stage. It is always a wild ride when Seven Lions plays. His melodic dubstep beats have a funny way of touching your soul and encapsulating you for the entire set. His fans are diehard, you can tell by everyone dancing and singing along. Jeff has found the perfect blend of dupstep and trance; being part of Anjunabeats with his style seems odd but he does it well. Seven Lions was another top set of day three.

Last but not least; Kygo to steal the show on main stage. Throughout Kygo’s set he played piano, had singers from his hits on stage to sing live and even had someone playing a violin for his last song. His visuals took you on a ride that kept you entertained on another planet filled with tropical house beats and palm trees. His set was so lit, the stage even caught fire for a moment.shaky beats

One EDM thanks you!

All in all Shaky Beats 2018 was a blast. We want to give a huge thanks to Fresh and Clean Media, all medical staff via Paradocs, event security, artists and all involved behind the stage. It would not be possible without all of you.

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