Skylab Festival Recap and Highlights 2017

This years Skylab festival did not disappoint. Global Dance transformed the National Western Complex in Denver, Colorado into another world. Skylab featured a diverse lineup with multiple stages stacked with, talent of cosmic proportions. The festival was held on September 23, 2017.

Skylab’s main stage, Launch Pad, and secondary stage Bass Lander were beautifully constructed for an immersive experience. The Launch Pad was in the perfect space for the main stage as it allowed attendees plenty of room to experience the show however they prefer: dancing, headbanging, flowing or sitting in the bowl of the arena. 

The arena allowed for performers to walk around on stilts, giant planets to be hung from the ceiling, fog machines, lasers and a massive screen behind artists for visuals. The Launch Pad also featured two raised platforms on the floor for VIP guests that provided great views of the stage. 

Skylab 2017 EDM
Photo Credit: Gabrielle O’Neal

Aviva, got the good vibes rolling at the Launch Pad as soon as the doors opened! After Aviva, One EDM had the opportunity to go backstage to interview Darude before his set! Cosm!c Gate, R3hab and Matoma kept the party going on the Launch Pad while One EDM decided to check out the Basslander stage.

On our way to Basslander we discovered The Explorer Stage (Denver Trance Family) and the Space Academy (Global DJ Academy). These stages were packed with local talent!

The Basslander stage was setup to have the old-school underground warehouse feel to it.  This stage featured lasers and a killer sound system for a heavy lineup! When One EDM arrived at the Basslander stage, Colorado native, Decadon, was destroying a room filled with headbangers! His rock influenced bass music primed the crowd to break their necks by the end of the night. 

Skylab 2017
Photo Credit: Gabrielle O’Neal

Apashe threw down a solid set before Trampa trampled the crowd. 

Cookie Monsta brought the filthiest bass as he played what we heard many people in the crowd say that was the set of the night for the Basslander stage! One EDM left before Delta Heavy’s set so we could grab a solid spot to see Adventure Club back at the Launch Pad.

Adventure Club’s set at Skylab was one of their best sets they’ve played in Colorado in the past few years.  Their set at Decadence 2016 sounded generic and it didn’t feel authentic to the Adventure Club sound Colorado knows and loves.  This set had a great mix of older Adventure Club and their newer tracks like ‘Firestorm’. The highlight of this set was seeing all the lasers shimmer off of the golf confetti that covered the crowd during the drop of Adventure Club’s hit, ‘Gold’.

After attending this year it is easy to see why Skylab has come to be Colorado’s longest running electronic show. Global Dance has continued to do a great job with sending Denver to space with diverse lineups at Skylab.

One EDM is proud to be a part of Skylab and we look forward to Global Dance’s new Halloween event:Supernatural Festival 2017 on Saturday, October 28th.

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