SMF 2017 ; A First Timers Perspective.

From the beginning:

After a full recovery from my first Sunset Music Festival I am ready to share with everyone my experience. I went in blind sided. I was told there are tons of young kids and other things that I would not enjoy about SMF. At the end of the day I did not personally see anyone out of hand or passing out from dehydration; which was a huge change from last year. From the time I walked in I felt at home. As I went through security she asked” anything in your pockets?” I said “ No, ma’am”.. she responded with “ Then Fly away butterfly” She didn’t have to tell me that twice.

Taking place Memorial Day Weekend in the parking lot of Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL. The weather was perfect, not a cloud in the sky with a nice breeze to cool you off as you danced the day away. We started off with our first DJ performance at the Eclipse Stage; Bleep Bloop , which was a fun dub-step performance. It was my first time ever seeing Bleep Bloop and I was very impressed. I love those funky deep bass ; drop after drop. Seems like all of the stages were perfectly separated enough that none of the DJ’s performances blended in.  Most festivals are jam packed , as a result making the sound  sub-par.


After this, we traveled to the Sunset Stage where we got to see one of my favorite’s ; Louis the Child. Out of all the Dj’s I got to see today they were top 3. Between the music, the atmosphere and their colorful stage I could not get enough. This stage was off set from the others and on a slight decline; which was perfect to be able to see from afar. The music was loud and uninterrupted by other stages, well done SMF.

(Sunset Music Festival 2017; Louis The Child)

Many of us go to music festivals to escape the hectic, grey world we live in, I go to enhance my life. There is nothing better than forgetting the evilness of the world for a day with your best friends and the love of your life.

At night I come alive:

Fast forward to later that night; Zeds Dead BABY! Top dj performance I have ever had the pleasure to see. I have seen over 500 concerts and too many DJ’s to count. This topped all of it. The energy, the music, the crowd, their production and the lights! I am still at a loss for words since Sunday due to their performance.  Every time I look at the videos and pictures from that night I get chills. When they dropped Collapse I lost my mind as I showed my boyfriend all there is to our world; our scene, EDM. Needless to say, he cannot wait for the next festival.

I will definitely be returning to SMF in 2018.

It is a must see!

Bleep Bloop SoundCloud:

Zeds Dead SoundCloud:

Louis The Child SoundCloud:


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