Snails, FuntCase, Boogie T Perform at Cleveland’s House of Blues

Snails, Funtcase, Boogie T. ‘Wubs’ Cleveland

Snails is making big rounds on his 2017 ‘The Shell Tour‘ featuring artists FuntCase, Squnto, Boogie T, and more. The tour boasts 150,000 watts of PK Sound which certainly left a worthy impression in attendee’s chests this past Monday night in Cleveland. OneEDM was lucky enough to attend ‘The Shell Tour’ at the House of Blues on Dec. 11, 2017, and this is what ensued.

Considering it was a Monday night, the vibe throughout the crowd certainly made it feel like a Thursday or even the weekend. A couple fans were dressed in holiday spirit wearing Santa Claus hats. Girls on the rail were wearing bikini-clad attire and some guys had nothing but Carhartt bib overalls on. One fan created a plush “Gary” the Snail baseball cap that Snails signed after the show.

Snails, Funtcase, Boogie T, perform in Cleveland 2017.
(L to R) FuntCase, Snails, Boogie T after playing Cleveland’s House of Blues Dec. 11, 2017. Courtesy, Snails Facebook.

Boogie T

Boogie T kicked the night off around 8 p.m. with his funky wubs and heavy riddim dubs. A DJ/producer who also happens to rap and play guitar. Boogie T is making big ups in the Bass scene this year with his debut EP release ‘Soul’d Out‘ as well as co-producing tracks with Ganja White Night and more. He’s also a pretty personable guy, keeping in touch with fans often via live Facebook streams from home.  His performance in Cleveland seemed to set the tone for the night by getting everybody’s bones loose and muscles warm. He renditioned a heavy cut of his original “2KFO” and a memorable version of GWN’s “Flava” Feat. Boogie T.

About midset Boogie said, “Yo, are you ready to get funky? Shout out to my boy GRiZ for letting me remix this!” He then dropped into a worthy remix of GRiZ and Big Gigantic’s collaboration track, “Good Times Roll”.

During “Flava” Boogie T stepped away from the decks to grab his baby blue electric guitar. Standing behind a mic riffing away reggae rhythms over riddim wobbles, Boogie showed off some of his vocal skills singing along to the lyrics of the track, “They used to ask me, boy where’d you get your flava? I said that you’d know if you knew where I came from.” This particular moment added a fun and personal aspect to the performance showcasing the DJ’s multi-talented skills.


James Hazell, better known as FuntCase is an English DJ/producer with roots in Drum and Bass dating back to 2007 when he started to release under the alias DJ Dose.  Since then, he’s changed his name to accommodate the new sound creating grade A Dubstep that churns with ferocious force.

FuntCase started mixing right as Boogie T ended his set. He stepped to the stage wearing a flat brim hat and his signature white mask that reminds you of something you’d see in a burn unit.  FuntCase certainly feels his music with a thrasher mentality, rocking out just as hard as anyone his entire set. He played Zomboy’s “Get With The Program” Ft. OV (Eptic & Trampa Remix) which annihilated the system. He dropped his collaboration with Virtual Riot “Borg” along with a rendition of Excision’s “G Shit”. By this time, the mosh pits had started to brawl.

In a fairly thick accent, FuntCase yelled out, “Are there any true dubstep fans in here?” He then dropped into fellow UK DJ/producer Rusko’s, “Woo Boost”. Fans were yelling “whoo” in perfect sync with the well-known dubstep track. He transitioned into Doctor P’s “Reasons” right after, eventually concluding the 80-minute set with “The Paradox” by Excision…a very unexpected heavy set!

Snails, Funtcase, Boogie T, perform in Cleveland 2017.
“Gary” the Snail makes his appearance in Cleveland. Courtesy, Snails Facebook.


After the 20-minute intermission Snails joined the stage to carry on that mentality with a bit more of a dance-worthy manner. He said in an excited tone, “Are you ready to rage or what!”

Snails is Frédérik Durand and he comes from Montreal blending his iconic “vomitstep” sound with Dubstep and other crushing 808 tracks. In October, he released his first LP album ‘The Shell‘ featuring collaborations with Big Gigantic, Collie Budz, Wacka Flocka Flame, Dion Timmer, Sullivan King, and more.

In just a few years since making a name for himself, Snails is starting to really crank up his music and production level. The shows are becoming heavier and more Canadian influences are heard throughout his sets compared to just the originals. In Cleveland, he played a couple Excision remixes including “Throwin’ Elbows”, “Are You Ready”, and “Mosh Pit” by Flosstradamus. Another highlight of the night was the sax-worthy collaboration with Big Gigantic, “Funk With Me”, and one of my personal favorites lately, “Jabberwock” by Stabby & Trinergy, which just officially released via Never Say Day Records. By the end of the show, even crushed glasses were lying on the ground.

Snails, Funtcase, Boogie T, perform in Cleveland 2017.
Snails performing at the H.O.B. in Cleveland 12/11/2017. Courtesy, Snails Facebook.

As Snails finished his encore he concluded, “I think that might’ve been the craziest mosh pit of the tour so far!”

Afterwards, Snails and eventually Boogie T came back out to sign hats and tickets. They joined in on group photos and chatted with the crowd. One special moment was when Boogie T received a gift from a local fan – a handmade wooden box with an engraved portrait of Boogie T on it.

Special thanks to Snails and all his crew for allowing OneEDM to review this show.

Snails, Funtcase, Boogie T, perform in Cleveland 2017.
Snails signing autographs and visiting with fans after the show. Courtesy, Snails Facebook.

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Snails will continue on ‘The Shell Tour’ throughout the Northeast and South until he concludes in Phoenix for an NYE celebration at Decadence. You can find a city near you and/or purchase ‘The Shell Tour’ tickets here.

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