Sony’s “Lost in Music” Pop-up Experience, Snakehips, and More

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The iconic Sony Corporation is known to bring great joy to audiences. From the ever appealing PlayStation gaming console to high-quality technologies for the home and business and its globally renowned music platform, Sony Music, the stellar megacorp of ingenuity is on the cutting edge of technology.

This year, 2018, marks their third installment of the “Lost In Music” brand campaign. An immersive pop-up space in New York City’s trendy SoHo neighborhood that hosts the best in Sony technology and Sony Music Artists.

Sony prepared to deliver original and groundbreaking entertainment technologies to audiences at “Lost In Music”. The experience included a roster of buzzworthy talents from among the Sony Music Artists, as well as the unique opportunity of creating one’s very own song to capture the spirit of “Lost In Music”. Sony has outdone themselves with an immersive musical experience that puts the music technologies into the hands of its attendees. One such example is an immersive music technology that records one’s heartbeat and movement to fuel the creation of new music.

Lost In Music

OneEDM had the pleasure to attend the live performance of U.K. hot hitmakers Snakehips for the recording of the weekly YouTube feature, “Lost In Music online show”.  Our staff also had the pleasure of creating an original song within the “Lost In Music” experience. Their hearts are still racing from this exhilarating musical happening.

With the first few steps inside the pop-up, neon lights become visible illuminating the already friendly faces with a kindly glow. Along the walls at the right is a wall-mounted display of the classic PlayStation One gaming system running Tekken 3. Of course, for visitors to play. The ambiance of their voices under the light design by Sony sure spread the holiday spirit with proper good cheer.
Picture this,  a neon sign spells out the name of a favorite artist, Snakehips, in all capital letters flashing over the stage. Oliver Lee and James Carter have taken a bond and mutual love for 90s music and turned it into a salute and inspired expression of the decade. Their latest EP “Stay Home Tapes” is a playfully light and spirited west coast R&B, Hip-Hop motivated sound that will take listeners back in time.  Fans crowded the stage as the U.K. duo mixed a party playlist with their past hits, “All my Friends” Feat. Tinashe and Chance The Rapper, and “Either Way” with Anne-Marie Feat. Joey Bada$$ just to name a few.

Across from this attraction at “Lost In Music”  is the registry desk made more exciting for this is the location at which attendees go to sign up for the immersive “make your own song” experience. You receive a key to work each separate station that pertains to different elements and stages in recording your own song.

Step 1 – HeartBeat Chamber

For your first task in recording, you are directed to stand inside the heartbeat chamber. You are provided with the Sony Noise canceling XM3 Headphones, and as you place your hand on the mark the chamber begins to spin and record your heartbeat. Your heart beats through the headphones as clear as a whistle giving you the first piece of your new original song. The heartbeat and handprint record your BPM (beats per minute) which then acts as the tempo of your track. A little bit of info on the noise canceling headphones; The best part about it? Could either be the five-hour battery life you get from ten minutes of charging or the built-in Google assistance that you can speak to. But we must not leave out the ingenious Sony Headphones Connect app which grants you the ability to optimize the noise canceling wherever you may be.

Step 2 – Drum Kit

As you continue down your path to legendary record making, you guide to the Drum Kit portion. Four blue buttons control different drum options, sample each to choose which you prefer as the percussion section for your track. It’s that simple, choose your style of percussion then take two steps over to the drum kit tools where you can tap and hit the parts of a drum kit, from the snare to high hat, and kick. The fun and bright LED lights inside the drum kit spheres will take you out of this solar system into an unknown land.

Step 3 – Floor Sequencer

Step three, the super fun Floor Sequencer, an interactive way to add guitar elements to your track but with your feet. As you step on the mat, each square lights up and plays different tones and notes to help you decorate your track in the most unique way, think of Tom Hanks in “BIG”.

Step 4 – Gesture Synth

As you stand in front of the motion detectors instructions to raise your hands in front of you begin. You then can make any gestures you like so your movement can be recorded and added to your song! If you want to feel like a rock star magician then the Gesture Synth will be your favorite part of the experience.

Step 5 – Vocal Booth/Vocal Looper

This step is probably one of the cooler features within the experience. Imagine being T-Pain or Imogen Heap inside the studio recording your vocals and using the freshest vocal decoders and autotuners to flare up your vocals. As you step inside the booth you line up with the Sony microphone, record your vocals, place whatever effects you like on them and add it to your song. If you don’t like what you hear you can clear it and do it again, its electronic music made easy.

Step 6 – Video Stage

Here is where you can rock out in front of the Sony RXO camera and make your music video debut. 30 seconds to let loose and shake your hips like Beyonce or Shakira to your very own song. As you work the camera your video plays on the big screen so the whole room can be dazzled by your main stage moves. Be free, lose all restrictions, because this is your time and Sony is here to provide that platform for you to do it.

Step 7 – Final Mixdown

The final step is where it all comes together. Place your key and your hand down, as the Sony technology mixes your track. After a few short seconds, you can receive your track via email, barcode, or text message and instantly share to Facebook or Twitter.

Additionally, Sony has installed within the pop-up, a five-minute experience of The Multi-Dimensional Audio room. Thirteen speakers with audio coming from every direction that envelopes and captivates you into a phonic nirvana. Could this be a possible taste of the future for Sony Corp?

Designed by Ralph Creative in collaboration with Chemistry Creative and The Experimental Group, Sony’s “Lost In Music” NYC pop-up will bring joy to all ages and delight to all who attend.
A night with good music, welcoming hosts, and new faces make up one eventful wintery New York City evening among  Sony’s innovative technology.


“Lost In Music” NYC pop-up will run every Thursday – Sunday, noon – 10 PM until the second week of February. The second week of February there will be two main performances to close out the pop-up. Performances will take place in the Sony Hall in New York City February 6th and 7th 2019, (artists TBA).
For tickets to the final performances and weekly performances filmed for the online show click here.
To watch the weekly show click on Youtube.
For more information and updates on Sony’s “Lost In Music” campaign visit

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