Subtronics & Dirt Monkey Warp Drive Tour

Warp Drive Tour Hits NYC

Subtronics and Dirt Monkey kicked off their Warp Drive Tour on March 31. The two DJs toured with Ganja White Night this winter for the Origins Tour and absolutely stunned fans. Since the two launched their Warp Drive Tour, they have been selling out shows in almost every city.

Subtronics and Dirt Monkey performed a sold-out show at Sunnyvale, a venue in Brooklyn, New York on April 27. The show was one for the books. Good Looks Collective, a New York City-based entertainment agency, promoted and organized the show. The overall production and organization of the event was stellar, and fans had a blast.

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Sunnyvale is a new and popular venue in Brooklyn. Its intimate size gives fans the ultimate show experience. The venue features a bar, comfortable seating areas, and plenty of room for dancing. Sunnyvale has featured many popular artists including Monxx, and dubstep fans are hoping for more from the venue.


Subtronics started out the night with a heavy riddim and dubstep set. People in the crowd could not get enough when he played songs from his Thermal Expansion EP. During the Origins Tour, Subtronics toned-down his music to fit the tour. The DJ is not holding anything back for the Warp Drive Tour though. He played a true Subtronics set for NYC and fans could not have been happier. His set was dirty, bass-heavy, and indeed an experience to remember.

Dirt Monkey played an unforgettable set as well. His style is slightly different from Subtronics, but that is what makes them a perfect pair. Dirt Monkey released his Shambhala 2018 Official Mix in April, and he played all the favorites from it. The most notable aspects of Dirt Monkey’s performance were his wonky beats as well as his drum and bass tracks. One moment fans would be dancing to a deep-bass track and the next they were getting down to a drum and bass track.

The back-to-back set at the end of the night was the highlight of the show. It was the perfect mix between Dirt Monkey and Subtronics. Fans stayed until the very end and did not stop dancing until the music stopped. The best part of the night was hearing Dirt Monkey’s Imperial March VIP song live.

Warp Drive Tour Details

The NYC show was full of energy, positivity and great music. The overall tour has a more intimate vibe. Fans are loving the opportunity to see Dirt Monkey and Subtronics on a smaller stage before they start playing the big festival stages. Thanks to Good Looks Collective and Sunnyvale, the Warp Drive Tour in NYC was a huge success.

The two DJs will be touring in five more cities. For tickets, go to the Warp Drive Tour page.

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