Supremacy 2019: The Raw Eden Will Emerge

Come September, raw hardstyle will rise to Supremacy

Supremacy 2019

Mark your calendar for September 28, 2019 and head to the Brabanthallen venue in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands for a night of raw hardstyle at Supremacy 2019. Furthermore, this edition of Supremacy is inspired by the dark vibes and rough sounds that its event organizers, Art of Dance, love. For example, read the passionate expression for the music that inspires Supremacy from their event description below.

Concealed in Supreme asylums all over our world, they are summoned from the deepest depths of noise. Driven by dedication they are eager to step out of the dark. Brave, resolute and offensive measures will be taken. The raw eden will emerge. Blood will be shed in the name of… Supremacy!

Art of Dance, event organizer of Supremacy

Be ready, get fierce, for the raw eden’s emergence because only the devout raw hardstyle fans fit enough to step into the dark and noise will rise to Supremacy. What a fierce description, and that is just the spirit to fuel this party.

Supremacy 2019
Supremacy 2019 by Art of Dance

Venue: Brabanthallen

The Brabanthallen venue is a large exposition hall available exhibitions of all kinds: from banquets and conferences, to art showings and music events. Also, The Brabanthallen will host the populus raw hardstyle community for one night of raw, raging, brute force, hard music in its spacious arena like expo hall for the upcoming edition of Supremacy. The Brabenthallen’s industrial look serves as the perfect setting for the Supremacy event stage designs.

With three other venues available for reservation, including Autotron for indoor and outdoor occasions, 1931 Congrescentrum for professional meetings and conventions, and the Zeelandhallen Goes for music and festive parties, the Brabanthallen is part of a quartet of very hospitable venues in The Netherlands for every occasion.

Supremacy 2019 Lineup

So much music from familiar, and new artists as well as some side projects happening make this lineup packed with excitement. Get a feel for the music in the official Supremacy 2019 Lineup movie below.

Supremacy 2019 lineup

Legends: Crypsis and E-Force

The lineup recruits headlining acts in the raw hardstyle scene to lead the party at Supremacy. Long time artists, Crypsis and E-Force, both of whom have paved the way for much of the raw hardstyle scene for years are going to perform special live sets.

Never failing to deliver their raw hardstyle sounds in the studio, these promising artists will surely impress audiences with their legendary music at Supremacy.

Live acts

Better yet, the live set trend continues with several other artist in the lineup. Also, these include established artist and newcomers, too. The excitement behind live sets is witnessing the creative musical expression inspired by the moment. Listeners will not know what musical finesse will hit their ears until these artists start performing.

  • Radical Redemption
  • D-Sturb
  • Rooler
  • Act of Rage
  • Digital Punk
  • Deadly Guns

Artist side project premieres

Familiar artists well-established in the raw hardstyle scene are bringing new music. Specifically, these will be special presentations of their side projects to audiences at Supremacy this year. As a result, there is a lot of passion for coming up with fresh music from these artists.

  • Gunz For Hire presents ‘Blood Brothers’ live
  • Warface presents ‘Heavy Artillery’ live
  • Rebelion presents Overdose
  • Killshot presents ‘Beastmode’ live
  • Delete VIP
  • Chain Reaction will play a nostalgic ‘Classic Set’

Other talents

Furthermore, the remaining three raw hardstyle talents complete the lineup at Supremacy.

Phuture Noize: For over a decade of growth as a DJ and producing artist, Phuture Noize lives up to his name by adapting his sound to the evolving raw hardstyle music of the future. His latest track, “Call Of The Sacred” is exemplary of his ability to keep up his producing game as this is a collaboration with Sub Zero Project.

“Call Of The Sacred” by Phuture Noize & Sub Zero Project

Rejecta: Breaking into the raw hardstyle scene as recently as 2018, and in good timing, too, as this genre truly solidified and attracted many new artists, like Rejecta who have contributed their creative spin on raw hardstyle.

Since then, he has been an avid releasing artist, with his most recent accomplishment this past June 2019 with his album release Rise of Rejecta. Have a listen to this compelling artists hit track from the album “Rise of Rejecta” below.

“Rise Of Rejecta” by Rejecta

Nolz: Most noticeably entering the raw hardstyle scene as a collaborating release artist in 2016, Nolz has a catalogue of tracks made in cooperation with many of the top talents in the scene. His speciality, is his voice. As such, he is heard for his skill in lyrical speaking in many tracks, and as an MC representing much of the raw hardstyle acts at festivals.

Furthermore, this summer 2019, he contributed his vocal performance in the making of two festival anthems: first, “Connected As One” with Killshot for the official AIRFORCE 2019 anthem in June, second, “Rally Of Retribution” with Angerfist for the official Dominator 2019 anthem in July.

He is such a team player in the scene because he serves as the voice for many of the raw hardstyle producing artists. Therefore, Nolz is raw hardstyle. He has all the words to explain it in his 2018 album Nocturnolz. Moreover, it is only appropriate to let him explain his vision as an artist by listening to the “Intro” of his raw hardstyle album.

“Intro” by Nolz from his album Nocturnolz

Tickets for Supremacy 2019

Supremacy. The event name alone is a strong suggestion that it will attract a big crowd. And it has, in fact, ticket sales for previous editions of Supremacy have been known to sell out–quickly, too. After a careful review of this lineup, there is every indication it will attract a crowd. That crowd will be fast in going after tickets. So, it will be soon before all the tickets are gone. Better act now as ticket sales have been in effect since May. They are accessible from the official Supremacy event page via the Art of Dance website.

Ticket fares

  • Regular ticket € 55.00 EUR
  • Supreme VIP ticket € 75.00 EUR
  • or, Supreme VIP ticket + Locker (small) € 80.00 EUR
  • upgraded, Supreme VIP ticket + Locker (big) € 82.00 EUR

About Supremacy

The event takes place in The Netherlands amidst many of the summer festival season’s hard dance events such as the September event IMPAQT by Q-Dance, a partner brand to Supremacy’s event organizers Art of Dance.

Supremacy 2019 logo

About Art Of Dance

So, Supremacy is just one of several legacy events put on by the event organizing brand Art of Dance. Where raw hardstyle is the main genre of music at Supremacy, other genres in the harder styles of dance music are featured at other Art of Dance branded events as listed below.

  • Masters of Hardcore
  • Dominator
  • Syndicate
  • Free Festival
Art Of Dance logo

Additionally, check out there exciting brand and festivals at the Art Of Dance main page. Lastly, get hyped, for Supremacy from the official Supremacy Spotify playlist below for some raw hardstyle.
Supremacy Spotify playlist

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