Temple Nightclub Arrives in Denver, Colorado

Last Friday we were given the awesome opportunity to take part in the Arrival Weekend when Temple Nightclub Denver opened in Denver, Colorado. It was a beautiful night filled with surprises and even a special guest to accompany our headliner, the incomparable Blasterjaxx. Temple Nightclub is certainly making their mark on the Denver electronic dance music scene. Their showing that their hungry to give the cities dance music fans a new home with an upscale feel.

The Entertainment…

Blasterjaxx at Temple Nightclub
Blasterjaxx headlining Temple Nightclub Denver

Our evening’s entertainment was nothing short of amazing. It started off with an astonishing opening set that had every patron in room dancing on the dance floor. Temple Nightclub even surprised us all with a chance to hangout in the crowd with legendary Kryoman. The penultimate event however didn’t come until Blasterjaxx took the stage and blew the crowd away with bass heavy sounds on the house’s awe-inspiring Funktion One sound system. As track after track was thrown down, likewise the crowd only reacted by dancing their hearts out. Denver truly welcomed Temple’s dance floor with open arms.

Temple Nightclub layout
Temple Nightclub from above.

The Venue…

The club itself boasts three levels of space with tables for bottle service and a bar on each floor for thirsty customers to enjoy. Party goers can enjoy a dance floor that is spacious and open with enough room for everyone to dance comfortably. The dark decor with glowing neon accents that move to the beat make for a wonderful atmosphere in the space. The centerpiece of the club however, is their beautiful ceiling of LEDs that rolls from top of the club down the wall behind the DJ booth. It produced beautiful visuals and added to the environment of the club all night long. The club’s staff was just as inviting as the club itself. Everyone involved seemed excited for the night’s events.

The Temple Nightclub Back Story…

Temple Nightclub Denver is the second nightclub in the Temple family, with the first being Temple San Francisco. The clubs are famous for the innovative designs and use of thousands of beautiful LEDs. A part of the Zen Complex, it is one of four concepts that will eventually occupy the space. The other three being a co-working space, a coffee and cocktail bar, and an art gallery. The space is planned to be finished in early 2018.

Kryoman at Temple Nightclub
Kryoman blasts the crowd at Temple Nightclub

Be sure to check out the club’s grand opening weekend November 3rd and 4th, for what promises to be another beautiful weekend of surprises featuring Nervo and MAKJ.

You can buy tickets here, however they’re also available at the door. Attendees should expect to be awed! Also follow Temple Nightclub on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on all of the events they host.

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