The Top Five Music Festivals In Africa: What To Expect

Recently, One EDM published an article that listed the top five EDM festivals in Asia. Indeed, the article proved that Europe and the Americas are not the only continents where EDM fans can attend festivals. In detail, festivals such as Ultra Korea conveyed that they are as popular as their Western counterparts. Ultimately, EDM is accessible worldwide.

Africa has its own unique music festivals that many people still have not heard about yet. For people who want to discover new music scenes, here are the top five music festivals in Africa.

Sandbox Festival

First, the small Egyptian beach town of El Gouna is the host of the Sandbox Festival, Egypt’s premier music festival. In fact, the Sandbox Festival has been around since 2013 and its location is by the Red Sea. Aside from the music, festival attendees can partake in activities such as snorkeling, knitting, diving, or just casual strolling.

Additionally, the Sandbox Festival’s lineup is a combination of talented artists from Arabic-speaking countries and the West. For instance, the 2019 lineup includes North African DJs such as Adham Zaran and Western acts like Bob Moses. Furthermore, this year’s Sandbox Festival will take place from June 13th to the 15th.

Oasis Festival

Meanwhile, on the western part of North Africa, Morocco has its own music festival called Oasis Festival. Likewise, Oasis Festival’s location in Marrakesh (Morocco’s fourth-largest city) connects European, Middle Eastern, and Northern African cultures. Specifically, The Source is a hotel and resort that hosts the Oasis Festival every year.

The attendees will get an opportunity to experience poolside parties while sipping on cocktails and dancing to amazing house music. Just like the aforementioned Sandbox Festival, Oasis’ lineup is full of artists from Europe and North Africa. For example, the 2019 lineup includes local and European stars such as Azzedine, Amelie Lens, Nicolas Lutz, and Yasmean.

Cape Town Electronic Music Festival

As South Africa’s oldest city, Cape Town is the perfect location to host South Africa’s top EDM festival. Since 2012, the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival is a stepping stone for South African DJs seeking worldwide recognition. The festival has become one of Africa’s innovative festivals as it attracts international performers to South Africa’s music scene.

Recently, the 2019 Cape Town Electronic Music Festival was on February 9, 2019. It boasted not only the aforementioned international performers but also EDM innovators who shared their knowledge in a workshop program. In short, that list of artists includes Deep Aztec, Patty Monroe, FKA Mash, and Ed Harris.

Ultra South Africa

The Ultra Music Festival is certainly one of the world’s most-famous EDM festivals, with multiple franchises across countries worldwide. Uniquely, South Africa is one of the countries that has an Ultra brand festival and it has existed since 2014. Interestingly, Ultra South Africa 2019 spanned two cities; Cape Town on March 1st and Johannesburg on March 2nd.

Although the 2019 Ultra South Africa festival occurred last month, it still provided high-quality entertainment from its lineup. Notably, the 2019 Ultra South Africa festival’s lineup included The Chainsmokers, Martin Garrix, Above & Beyond, and Vini Vici. In summary, Ultra South Africa is unique in its own way as it is Ultra’s flagship festival in Africa.


Finally, the last African music festival on this list is Mawazine, located in the Moroccan capital of Rabat. In particular, Mawazine has the blessing of Morocco’s King Mohamed VI and it is an internationally-recognized music festival. The 2019 edition of Mawazine will be the 18th edition of the festival since its inception in 2002.

Accordingly, the 2019 edition of Mawazine will take place for a week from June 21-29. Equally important is the lineup for this year’s festival. It has stars like Marshmello and David Guetta. In conclusion, Mawazine benefits the Moroccan business and tourist sectors as it helps to bring in more income and tourists. Need help affording it check out Bonsai Finance.

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