The Untz Festival Takes Over Mariposa May 31-June 3 2019

Experimental music lovers and bassheads rejoice, for this is the festival for you. Love the wonky wubs and drippy dubs? Love to dance, go crazy with your friends and make faces to the music? The Untz Festival will be right up your alley. The festival, running from May 31st to June 3rd, 2019, will be at the Mariposa Fairgrounds in Mariposa, California. This four-day, all-ages event will be full of music, workshops and yoga sessions.

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Artists to expect

The Untz Festival lineup is chock-full of experimental, bass-heavy, dubstep and trap artists. Phase 2 of the lineup was announced recently, with Space Jesus taking his rightful place as the main headliner. Space Jesus takes you on a journey to explore the electronic auditory universe. His lower frequencies, ‘space bass’ and mind-blowing productions will be sure to be a treat. Following this, Boogie T will delight any headbanger’s heart with his heavy dubstep vibes. Other artists include Bleep Bloop, whose mind-melting ‘slime-punk’ music will take you to outer space, and Subtronic with his fast-paced riddim tunes. The rest of the lineup includes: Al Ross, He$h, Gravedancer Takeover, Slug Wife Takeover ft. Kursa, K.L.O and Seppa and more. The music at the festival begins at 8pm on Friday, May 31 and ends at 6am on Monday, June 3rd. Undoubtedly, the stacked lineup will be full of the wonky and the weird.

Ticketing Info

Early entry for ticket holders with Friday early arrival tickets begins on Friday May 31st at 4pm. General entry for 2-Day passes begins Saturday morning at 9am.  All vehicles/campers must exit the site by 3pm on Monday, June 3rd. Tickets are available on the Untz Festival website. All tickets include walk-in camping; however, every vehicle will need to have a parking pass or car camping pass purchased as well. All tickets purchased will be non-refundable. This event will be a rain-or-shine event.

This event will be for all ages, and children three years of age and under will be admitted free with a ticket-holding adult. Any person of age four or older will need to have purchased an event ticket in order for festival entry.

Friday early arrival

Impatient? Want to start the party early? Never fear, the Untz Festival offers excited guests the option of Friday early arrival. It will begin on Friday May 31st, at 4pm. One early arrival pass admits one ticket-holding attendee. All guests arriving on Friday MUST have a two-day pass, along with Early Arrival ticket pre-purchased. If not, prepare to buy an Early Arrival pass when you arrive.

Early arriving campers may not save space for late arrivals. Also, space reservation, other than pitching of tents, will be monitored and restricted. This is in order for the benefit of the community for the attendees as well.


There will be plenty of food options for everyone, including meat, vegetarian, and vegan options. Remember to eat every so often to replenish energy from dancing. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Drinking lots of water is also advised.

A full bar will be offered, including beer, wine and vodka mixed drinks. Those 21+ with proof of valid ID will be able to drink freely. However, due to the California state alcohol laws and the California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control, outside alcoholic beverages will not be permitted. This also includes car and walk-in camping. You will not be able to drink alcohol in the parking lot area as well. Vending of alcohol is strictly prohibited.

There will be an ATM, should you need to withdraw cash at the Untz Festival. However, if you wish to save on the small service fee per transaction there, please bring enough cash for your general parking fee and other things you may need. Plan ahead, you’ll be glad of it later.

No WiFi will be available on-site, and cell service will be limited on festival grounds.

Free, fresh drinking water will be available for all attendees throughout the event. Party-goers are advised to bring large, refillable containers to reduce plastic and waste. Ice will also be available for purchase on-site.

Showers will also be available for free, at several bathing places located throughout the event.

The average temperature will range from lower 80s during the day to lower 50s at night.  Be prepared to layer up for that California chill.

Ticket and parking prices

A two-day festival pass with early arrival ticket will cost $275. This will include walk-in camping. If you want to go early on Friday at 4pm, this will be your best bet. However, you will need to purchase a parking pass or car camping pass separately. A two-day festival pass, inclusive of walk-in camping, will cost $225. Parking passes and car camping passes will also be charged separately. A Sunday festival pass will be $100. Car camping passes are $200 and GA vehicle parking passes are $80.

Check out last year’s wild recap of the Untz Festival here.

Experience the wild, and unleash your inner experimental side with all that The Untz Festival 2019 has to offer.

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