Tokyo Dance Music Event Schedule Announced

Tokyo Dance Music Event 2017

The Tokyo Dance Music Event has released the full schedule for this year’s event. TDME is an EDM conference and the first of its kind based in Japan. The event will allow meetings and collaborations through workshops, panels, and performances. TDME made a debut on the global conference circuit last year. Their goal is to strengthen the EDM scene and encourage collaborations across Asia.

TDME will be introducing many industry leaders from Japan and abroad in the daytime program. Topics like relationships between Japan and India’s scenes, dance music and gaming, the state of the domestic night-time economy, and the repeal of the no-dance laws. Also, a panel will be hosted called, “Festivals and Their Relationships With Dance Music Culture in Japan,” and will feature Masahiro Tsuchiya, promoter at Rainbow Disco Club.

Tokyo Dance Music Event
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During TDME, local clubs also hold events. Disko Klubb will host Mr. Ties at Vent on Dec. 1. Daniel Miller, founder of Mute Records, will headline at Womb. Circus Tokyo will host a night of live electronics featuring artists from the Warp stable including Pattern, and local pop-star Sapphire Slows. On Dec. 2, Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy will spin alongside DJ Nori.

TDME 2016

The success of Tokyo Dance Music Event 2016 adds to the excitement of what the 2017 event will bring. In 2016, local Tokyo nightclubs, Womb and Boiler Room, threw parties that featured Seiho, Naohiro Ukawa, the founder of Japan’s first live-streaming channel Dommune; Ken Hasebe, the mayor of Shibuya, who believes 21st-century cities should value diversity; and Japanese hip-hop artist Zeebra were all guests at the 2016 TDME. Aside from the Japanese acts, there were also international acts including the likes of Italian legend, Giorgio Moroder.

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