Ultimate Guide To EDC Orlando 2019

It is finally time to start preparing for EDC Orlando 2019. This year the event is still being held at the iconic Tinker Field in Orlando, FL. People flock to the Electric Daisy Carnival for several reaons, the biggest of them being the ability to walk around without the fear of being discriminated on the basis of shape, size, color, or whatever else. The event is being curated by none other than Pastqualle Rotella himself and his dedicated crew.

Make It a Point to Be Early

In Orlando, all of the stages will be within Tinker Field, a huge outdoor baseball field. Imagine all the activities set up within this huge area. If you can’t make it early for all three days, try and at least be early for one. You can choose to maximize on the day that has some of your favorite artists in the lineup.

Carry a Power Bank

There is nothing as annoying as trying to find your friends in a festival. They definitely won’t be at the last place you left them standing and they for sure will not be standing out from the crowd. People will be too many and of course, everyone is dressed in the same overly bright clothes. A portable charger is the go-to festival essential to stay in contact with all of your friends at whatever point in the festival.

Don’t Forget to Hydrate

It is so easy to get caught up in the fun and put off fatigue as just a side effect of too much hype. More often than not, people attending festivals get caught up in all the fun and forget to drink water. They only remember that they are dehydrated when they faint or are faced with a serious bout of dizziness. Staying hydrated is easy when you carry a festival hydration pack that allows you to easily carry and grab some water when needed.

Take Care of Your Senses

Sounds like something logical that no one would forget to do, right? Many people don’t take into consideration how loud and strenuous a three-day festival can be. You are thrilled to see your favorite artists perform. However, during the day the sun is just too blinding. You think it might be better during the night time but the stage lights almost equal the sun in brightness. A pair of sunglasses would come in handy to make sure that you do not go blind or have raging headaches. Similarly, do not forget your earplugs. With the volume and quality of speakers in music festivals nowadays, you do not want to be going deaf.

Here are all the logistical issues to take into consideration for the festival:


There are various options for getting into the festival. One of the event partners is the EDC Express Shuttle Pass. They will be providing transport between the partner hotels and the venue, Tinker Field, for all of the three days. All you need is to purchase an EDC Express Shuttle Pass. It will save you the trouble of driving yourself whilst you are extremely exhausted and of course the trouble of always having to look for parking spots.


There will be various options for parking. The first is the premier option that allows you easier access in and out of the festival. The lot will be off Central Boulevard. Albeit, all the details are yet to be confirmed and released, it will cost $50 per day. The General Parking Lot will cost approximately $30 a day and will open from 10 am. It will cost an average of $30 a day. Payment will be in cash only; no credit or debit cards will be accepted. Space will, of course, be limited as with any festival. Likewise, people attending are advised to carpool to avoid congestion. Alternative parking spaces will be provided in garages in Downtown Orlando. It is important to note that in the parking lot, you will not be allowed to sleep in your vehicle, loiter, drink alcohol or consume any drugs.


EDC Orlando 2019 is partnered with various hotels around Orlando to cater to the attendees. The package includes discounted fees and free parking in all of the hotels. Here are some of the partner hotels and their prices:

  • Embassy Suites by Hilton Orlando, International Drive- from $160 a night
  • Courtyard Marriott Buena Vista- from $127 a night
  • Hampton Inn and Suites Orlando International Drive -from $153 a night
  • Wyndham Lake Buena Vista-from $178 a night

Wristband Policies

Wristbands will be the only things used to grant access to the festival. You should remember to:

  • Not put your wristband before the day of the festival. This will simply invalidate it and you will be locked out or frozen at the entrance. Who wants to miss a beat of the festival just because of issues concerning their wristband?
  • Register your wristband. It is the only way you can receive support
  • Not lose your wristband!

The terrain at Tinker Field is relatively flat, albeit a bit grassy, dusty and bump. However, anyone in need of diability services will have access to any and all parts of the event including entrances, parking lots and restrooms. All areas have features to make access very easy. For medical care, there are several tents set up around the grounds for people to get help from. In addition, all staff members at EDC Orlando are also trained on proper emergency first aid procedures.

EDC Orlando 2019 Lineup

The EDC 2019 lineup of performing artists is yet to be released, much to the disappointment and impatience of festival goers. However, in previous years’ Eelectric Daisy Carnival has hosted huge electronic music names such Factory 93 Experienc3, Alison Wonderland, Vini Vici and Martin Garrix. If that’s any indicator, the 2019 event will be at the top of the EDM Festival ‘must attend’ list.

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