A Warm Welcome to Lander’s Fest; an Ode to Mysteryland

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I remember Mysteryland 2014 like it was yesterday.

It was a chilly Saturday in upstate NY, my home since I was 14 years old. I was there with a bunch of friends from high school, and we were all there for our first festival. The vibes were overwhelming as we waited in line to get it, everyone so happy and full of life. We were all there for one reason; dance music brought us together. Everyone was so friendly that we met, and full of such good spirits. Each and every year I went, that didn’t change. If someone mistakenly bumped into me they apologized. You don’t even get that type of general courtesy walking the streets of NY. Mysteryland was a place we could all go to, getting away from the busy lives we live. Where we could go to dance, sing, frolic and play with new and old friends; a second family.

Mysteryland, circa 2014.

I made some of my best friends at Mysteryland, and we still keep in touch to this day. When I heard it was cancelled this year I was completely heart broken. You will never experience the vibes Mysteryland had anywhere else. So when I heard Landers Fest, an offsite camp for ML, was taking it upon themselves to host their own mini fest, I was filled with joy. I cannot wait to see what’s in store for Lander’s and how they plan on developing in years to come.

Set to take place June 8-11, 2017 at Landers River Campground, NY, Mystery Landers Fest is set to carry on the wonder and spirit of Mysterylands. We had the chance to chat with the brains behind Landers, and here’s what they had to say.

Mysteryland 2015.

Kayla Myers: What are you trying to accomplish for the Landers Festival?

Mystery Landers Fest: With this Mystery-landers festival we are looking to create a boutique approach to the festival process. We want to pay homage to Mysteryland, but also find our own identity while giving guest the best possible experience.

KM: Besides the max capacity, what else would be different from Mysteryland?

MLF: Aside from capacity and budget obviously we want to create a more intimate festival setting. We want people to focus as much as making new friends and culture, as they do on the lineup. Also we want to make this festival for the people… We’re taking a different approach to the festival structure by adding things like a drive in movie night. We want people to enjoy the festival experience without feeling financially violates at every turn humanly possible.

KM: Will Landers become a yearly thing like Mysteryland?

MLF: Without question Landers Festival will become an annual event! We’re very confident our guest will have a good time!

KM: If Landers gets positive feedback will you expand your capacity in the future?

MLF: We do have the option to expand next year, both in size and budget.

KM: Will the age restriction still be 19 or has it changed?

MLF: Yes, we are still 19 and up.

Mysterland, circa 2015.

KM: I know you’ve all experienced Mysteryland as well, how do you feel about it being cancelled?

MLF: Mysteryland was an AMAZING festival! Those Woodstock grounds are iconic. I don’t think anyone disputes that, and it’s a shame they had to cancel it, and I know the festival organizers feel the same way…But where Mysteryland died, we’re trying the first of its kind “A Tribute Festival.” That’s something I think people can get excited about again.

KM: What were your experiences on the Holy grounds?

MLF: I really want people to understand . While this is our first year of our own festival it’s not our first rodeo, our camp ground has been an official camping site for ML the last 3 years. The camp handles that volume of people all the time. There’s so many poorly run festivals and with recent nightmares like this Fyre festival. I want people to know that while I don’t have a hit single with Ashanti, I am a full time event coordinator with a focus on theme Decor … We know what we’re doing here.


Phase one dropped May 3rd, and I assure you this will be a grand old time! Three headliners are scheduled to be announced in phase two as well as smaller acts and art installations that were set to hit ML 2017.

Head to the Lander’s Festival website to find out more information.

Click here for web tickets. Only 1500 tickets are available, so get yours ASAP! Call 800-252-3925 for more information.

OneEDM’s own Kristina Calamusa soaking up Mysteryland’s vibes. Left Shark, is that you?

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