Wicked Paradise NYC

Los Angeles’ favorite boat party is heading to uncharted territory as Wicked Paradise LA makes its NYC debut on Saturday, May 12. The paradise features Justin Jay’s Fantastic Voyage Boat Party.

The “Special Guest” has yet to be announced. However, fans are sure to be astounded by the live performance from Justin Jay. That in itself is quite special. But performing on a boat, now that makes it interesting.

Justin Jay performs at Santa Cruz Music Festival

Justin Jay

Los Angeles-native Justin Jay incorporates multiple instruments into the live performance of his first album Fantastic Voyage.

The young producer explains his inspiration for the Fantastic album:

A year ago I started my last semester of college. I realized there were so many things that I wanted to do that I knew nothing about. But instead of grinding through text books and making study guides, I turned to my homies.

Many of my closest friends in college were obsessed with other kinds of music besides house and techno. When you are a sensitive music kid in a fratty party school, you can appreciate people who deeply care about any type of music. It just took me a while to realize what we could jam together to.

Fantastic Voyage the album is about exploration and stepping outside of your comfort zone to try new things.

Recently, the DJ released his second album HomeStream or download the album from your favorite music platform.

About Wicked Paradise

Launched in 2015 by L’Addaire Musicale and Orlove Entertainment, Wicked Paradise has catapulted itself as the premier pool and boat party in LA. After a stop in Miami on March 3 and NYC on May 12, Wicked Paradise will be taking the party to Chicago on July 8 and San Francisco (date TBA).

Orlove Entertainment

Orlove Entertainment is an events music and lifestyle company that showcases cutting-edge talent from all over the world. They are based out of Los Angeles, curating a variety of spectacular music events for every fan. The event is also first-class and sure to be a fantastic journey.

Keep an eye out for more announcements on Wicked Paradise’s upcoming events. This includes the “Special Guest” announcement as well as the San Francisco date and location announcement!

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