Worakls Brought Out Chill and Energetic Vibes to Audio SF

Worakls' show at Audio SF was the last tour stop on his latest U.S. tour.

Worakls, born as Kevin Rodrigues, is a French melodic progressive-techno producer. He has a very innovative music style that includes elements of orchestral music and merge it with upbeat, modern electronic music. Just like an early modern musical composer, Worakls embarked on full orchestral tours where he personally conducted a live orchestra and have written down musical notes for each instrument. His performances will make people feel like they’re enjoying a symphony will dancing under strobe lights.

Worakls have recently concluded his United States tour, which was a huge success. The highly-skilled producer still provided an improvisational style on his tour stops that still excited his fans. Here is the review of his last stop on his U.S. tour at Audio SF in San Francisco on February 5, 2022. There is more to expect from Kevin “Worakls” Rodrigues and one may see him headline top music festivals soon.

Worakls displayed a vibrant performance at Audio SF

Upon arriving at Audio SF and witness Worakls work his magic, one would feel relaxing emotions all around. In fact, witnessing Worakls produce a great live performance is not like what one might experience at a rave, nor at a classical music gala. It felt like a blissful environment where everyone is there to just enjoy the music and get away from their stressful lives.

Worakls played his most popular tracks at Audio SF such as “Porto” and “Salzburg“. Additionally, the fans even vibed enthusiastically when he played the remixes of his tracks from his top 2019 album, Orchestra. Even inside a small nightclub like Audio SF, the environment that Worakls brought to the club felt like everything was experienced at a laid-back music festival.

Final words

Before the event in San Francisco, One EDM caught up with Worakls for an exclusive interview. In the interview, he mentioned about new music in an upcoming album that will stand out. New music that will have unique tempos which allow creativity to freely flow.

At the moment, Worakls will have more upcoming shows to perform in the near future. In the meantime, there will be news coming from the amazing future electronic music superstar. For now, it is best to check out more of his music by checking out his Spotify below and understand why his musical styles bring different genres together harmoniously.

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