World Club Dome Zero Gravity Announces Official Live Stream

WORLD CLUB DOME Zero Gravity Live Stream

WORLD CLUB DOME Zero Gravity announces an official 4-hour live stream of the world’s first club in zero gravity. The club will be preparing for takeoff from Frankfurt Airport at 12 pm (CET) on Wednesday, February 7. The broadcast can be viewed via the World Club Dome Facebook page.


Headlining the first in a lifetime event are electronic DJs Armin van Burren, Steve Aoki, and W&W. These producers will be mixing their hottest tracks while 50 other guests are enjoying the flight with them. From all around the world applications were eligible to apply for the competition, which earned lucky applicants a seat in the sky.

Flight of a Lifetime

Contestants submitted a 20-second video explaining why they should be chosen to win. Winners were announced at the end of January, and tomorrow the winners, as well as the legendary artists, will board a ZeroG A310 Airbus flight.

Not only are the DJs and guests looking forward to this unique event, but ESA Astronaut Jean-Francois Clervoy had excitement to add to the table:

I am the chief astronaut on the ZeroG flight, and am very excited to participate in the first club built in weightlessness.

BigCityBeats is always up to something spectacular, but this one sure does reach the top. Admin van Burren also mentions his eagerness for the sky exhibition:

I’m super excited BigCityBeats invited me to this crazy event, partying high up in the sky in Zero Gravity.

Seems that even the artists feel surreal about the fantastic experience that is about to take place.

The Story

Steve Aoki appears to be the most excited and grateful to be a part of the innovative event:

DJing on a plane, I never thought I would do that. Now I’m DJing on a plane and doing Zero Gravity. WORLD CLUB DOME always does the craziest and most insane projects which is why I love working with these guys.

Such animation is understandable after watching the trailer for the live stream, which is available below.

WORLD CLUB DOME Zero Gravity is the official pre-party to BigCityBeats “The Hollywood Edition”. The party also takes place in Frankfurt this summer from June 1-3, 2018.





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