WORLD CLUB DOME Zero Gravity Was A Success


This past Wednesday on February 7, BigCityBeats hosted the first-ever zero gravity event in history. Taking off from Frankfurt Airport in Germany, WORLD CLUB DOME Zero Gravity kicked off the official pre-party for the BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME this June 1-3, 2018.

WORLD CLUB DOME Zero Gravity with Steve Aoki and W&W

A Zero G-Airbus transformed into a club for the WORLD CLUB DOME Zero Gravity show. The Airbus is typically used only for training by the European Space Agency (ESA). Over 50 people attended the event, including international DJs Steve Aoki and W&W. Along with the iconic artists, lucky fans from around the world took part at the first-ever event.

Attendees from Australia, Brazil, Korea, India, and Germany took off for a 90-minute flight combining the sounds of music with zero gravity. Those who secured their spot on the plane entered a 20-second video explaining why they deserved a seat for the life-changing experience. Over 30,000 applicants submitted videos.

Media & Attendees

WORLD CLUB DOME Zero Gravity gained traction by word-of-mouth all around the world. Media organizations were tuning in for the event as take off was approaching. TV stations like CNN, BBC, ARD, N-TV, and Deutsche Welle tuned into the flight. Big-name newspapers from The Daily Mail, The Sun, Die Welt, and Frankfurter Allgemeine also covered the show. As well as a plethora of other outlets such as Time Magazine, DJ Mag, Focus, The Verge, and others all reported on the event.

Steve Aoki, already a big fan of BigCityBeats, was taken away from the experience:
WORLD CLUB DOME is one of the best festivals out there. When I got the call from BigCityBeats asking me if I wanted to be part of the Zero Gravity event I jumped at the chance. Only BigCityBeats could come up with something like that. And now I feel like an astronaut.
Steve Aoki at WORLD CLUB DOME Zero Gravity
The lucky winners from Germany included Jan Skusa (19) and Pascal Hug (26). Skusa had an overwhelming reaction to the event:

What a feeling! Total loss of control, but an awesome experience.

W&W exited the airbus still amped with adrenaline:
We were pretty nervous, but after the first jump it was, like, indescribable. Even though any actual DJ-ing was all but impossible in the weightless conditions, because you were always swimming away from the console.
W&W at WORLD CLUB DOME Zero Gravity

Positive Words Behind The Project

The two ESA astronauts on board were Chairman of Novespace Jean-Francois Clervoy and Pedro Duque. Jean-Francois was stunned, and rated the event 12 on a scale of 1 to 10:

It was the first-ever zero-gravity music event. It’s one way of blending music and science, and it was a great event.

Jurgen Harrer, Head of Corporate Communications at Fraport, was also amazed by the zero gravity show. He had nothing but gratitude for those who made this piece of history happen:

Congratulations to the Breiters and the entire team and also ESA. You did a great job. The images beamed to us here were riveting, absolutely out of this world. It goes without saying that, as the biggest air-traffic hub in Germany, Frankfurt Airport is immensly proud to have you as guests here and to have done its part in making this event possible.

Markus Frank, Frankfurt’s Commissioner for business, sport, safety, and fire services was blown away and continues to be amazed by the creations of BigCityBeats:

Carina and Bernd Breiter had a wonderful vision a decade ago. We thought it would be a tall order to pack 100,000 young people into our arena, but now the pair have made the world their playground and have infected people around the globe with their idea. And as we see, the ideas keep coming, which is an amazing thing for out city.

It shows another side of Frankfurt – as a place where you can live well and party hard. The Breiters are a great calling card for our city. We are very proud that they have made such fine ideas come to fruition. And now this idea that has created such worldwide interest.


Zero Gravity was the official pre-party to the WORLD CLUB DOME “Hollywood Edition” Frankfurt event in June 2018. BigCityBeats developed the idea as an introduction to the “biggest club in the world” event this summer.

WORLD CLUB DOME will take place at the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt on June 1-3. The event includes 20 dance floors, 200 international DJs, 1.8 million watts of sound, and 140,000 attendees. For the sixth year in a row, the capital of music will host the party of the year.

BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME has been assembling the world’s best brands, producers, and live acts around Europe since 2013. The projects continue to grow into extravagant events involving fans and artists around the entire world.





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