Wynwood Fear Factory Event Review 2017

Wynwood Fear Factory 2017

For two nights (October 28th and 29th) of fantastic costumes, crazy graffiti art, delicious food and music for everyone. Wynwood Fear Factory was the place to be in South Florida Miami. DiskoLab made it all possible for all of the attendees with bringing it back for the second year. Last year in 2016 it was the first time Wynwood Fear Factory came alive in Miami. This year they brought us unique guest artist like Porter Robinson, DJ Snake, Big Gigantic and so much more. DiskoLab gave One EDM a chance to see behind the scenes. Which made feeling the heart of Wynwood Fear Factory on an entirely different level. With Interviews with DJ Sub Zero, DJ Snooko, and Cedric Gervais. Stay tuned for those questions and answers we all want to know.

Beauty With Fright Come Together

Wynwood brought Halloween a little bit early for all of us with hanging skeletons, scary festival workers, and a spooky vibe. The graffiti art was adding an urban vibe for everyone to get into the spirit. It’s a Halloween event, so you know the attendees brought out all the best when it came to costumes and face paint. People from all over came to the beautiful in all sorts of outfits. To scary zombies to beautiful murder victims with bloody wounds.

With everyone dancing from shuffling to just jumping around having fun. It was hard not to join in on the fun. Some people are able to find inner peace in the middle of it all; we got to witness meditation and hoop dancing prove that to all of us.

Day 1 – So much Rain never stopped us

The first day started a little rough for all the people at the festival, both the artist and fans had to fight the rain. South Florida was under a tropical storm warning on October 28th which sadly made it rain so much that the gates were delayed being open. Two hours later, the attendees where chanting at the entrance “Let us in!”, but they still toughed it out with the rain as it would downpour, stop, pour down again and stop throughout the whole day and night.

The rain didn’t stop the fun for anyone, not one bit. Everyone ran out into the storm and raged through it all no matter how hard the downpour or how cold it got. The artists loved it, seeing the crowd headbang and dance, feeling the energy up the stage it was so contagious.

With the late start of the day due to the rain, the scheduled lineup was completely all rearranged, and even a few artists didn’t even get to perform. The M Machine followed by the main headliners of the first day which was Porter Robinson and Cedric Gervais. All of the artists brought it all to the stage with killer light shows and beats for us all to remember.

Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson with his love of anime brought us a storyline of music and anime all in one. In the middle of his set, he even walked to the front of the stage so he could watch his favorite part of the anime on screen. All while enjoying some orange soda.

Cedric Gervais

The night ended in Cedric Gervais recking the stage showing us his new remix “Mi Gente” as well as pumping the crowd up so much that as the rain got stronger more people came out from the covers and raged. With Miami being his home Cedric Gervais always bringing a little more to his fans and gave us a fantastic show to end the night of day one.

Day Two – Sun Shine and Rave

Day two couldn’t come soon enough after all that rain, and it almost ruined a lot of peoples weekend. Thankfully due to the all the rain the people at Wynwood Fear Factory let the attendees who only bought day one tickets for Saturday were granted on the second day of the festival. What a fantastic way for DiskoLab to show how much they care about the people who join them at the event.

With the start of day two, it was nothing but sunshine and little to no clouds. The weather was perfect. It wasn’t too hot which for Florida is very rare. There was mild to strong breeze so no matter where you were in the crowd or off to the side, you where comfortable. Not only was the environment ideal but the day was also packed with more artists since some were unable to play the day before.

With including more artists on day two, sadly some artist got knocked off of the schedule. We are sad to say that DJ Snooko back to back with Loky was unable to play. DJ Sub Zero got to start the day while the gates opened bringing the event to life. A rare set of Fedde Le Grand back to back with Oliver Heldens rescheduled for this day and what an incredible show. They really work well together.

Big Gigantic

Big Gigantic has a crazy funky sound that is very different than anything we have heard before. With a drum set and saxophone played by the duo mixing with songs that we all know. The combination created music that surprised everyone and gained new fans throughout the crowd.

Yellow Claw

Yellow Claw gave us all something new and provided the bass lovers a new song into their set called “Bass Face.” At the beginning of the song, they laid a bass drop so low, so deep that we all could feel it in our chest and body. It was what every bass-head would want to hear that night. Even tho the lights kept going off it didn’t stop anyone. At one point one of the artist from Yellow Claw stood on the table and held their phone over the controllers.  Just so the other could keep playing. Now that is some teamwork, and the party kept going.

DJ Snake

The night ended with DJ Snake while the power went off on the stage right at the beginning of his set. No worry though it didn’t stop him at all. They started the set over and jumped back up on the table and started dancing. DJ Snake has his hand in a lot of different styles of music and that night was no different. He brought all the songs we know and love and nice mixes that made everyone happy to be there. It was a great way to end the night and end this two-day Halloween event.

Big Thanks

It’s always a good time at an event when even the people working there are having a great time. The employees joined in on the fun with costumes, dancing and also singing to the songs. The favorite was one of the water guys walking through the crowd. He whistled to the beat of the artist’s set. At that moment yelling “Ice Cold Beer – Ice Cold Beer.” He even got the crowd to sing it with him as the group started dancing and singing it together. The security workers were very friendly and pleasant to be, always there to help someone if you needed it. None of this event could have happened it if wasn’t for all the incredible employees at Wynwood Fear Factory. With that, the One EDM family would like to thank everyone there that put it all together and made it an event to remember.

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