Yung Bae Brings Funk Into the Future at The Midway

Yung Bae's performance at The Midway on September 10th was part of his 'Groove Continental' Tour.

Yung Bae is the innovative music producer who helped spearhead the Vaporwave and Future Funk movements here in the US. The ‘Groove Continental’ Tour of Yung Bae sees himself and friends connect with the loyal Vaporwave and Future Funk community at large across 23 cities. The tour, which is named after his latest album, brings together some of the scene’s most prevalent producers such as George Clanton, Night Tempo, Flamingosis, Macross 82-99, Moe Shop, Skylar Spence FKA Saint Pepsi, Neon Indian, Roosevelt, and Washed Out. One of his tour stops on September 10th was The Midway, an illustrious nightclub in the vibrant history of electronic dance music in San Francisco.

The headliners of the “Groove Continental” tour at The Midway

Upon entering The Midway, one can feel the futuristic vibe that flowed throughout the club. During the “Groove Continental” stop of Yung Bae at The Midway on September 10th, the crowd were already grooving enthusiastically when the opening act Vantage got on stage to produce a very good set. Afterwards, the equally talented artists (Saint Pepsi, Night Tempo, and Macross 82-99) still kept the crowd hyped up with their upbeat, far-out tracks.

These tracks showed everyone why Future Funk is a genre to look out in the electronic dance music industry. When it was time for Yung Bae to make his appearance, the crowd suddenly turned up the volume with their fervent support of the artist who is enhancing Vaporwave and Future Funk here in this country.

The Midway SF Yung Bae
Photo Credit: Bailey Sondag

Yung Bae mesmerized everyone to get on the funk with his gnarly music

When Yung Bae arrived on stage at The Midway, everyone on the dance floor knew they were going to be in for a great show. The rising artist got the crowd to moving continuously from the moment he began playing his music to his last beat. Whether if he was playing his top banger, “Bad Boy”, or other memorable releases in his discography such as “Sundress”, “Silver and Gold”, and “L.O.V.E”, Yung Bae knew how to perfectly transition the rhythms of a track onto the next.

Yung Bae really amplified the tracks to showcase that he is definitely an artist to continue keeping an eye on. His show at Groove Continental is also one reason why many people should start listening to more Vaporwave and Future Funk as well. Check out his music below on the Spotify playlist below as well.

Short detail about the rising artist who is bringing Future Funk into the mainstream

Recognised by major DSPs such as SpotifyApple Music, and Bandcamp who have official playlists/categories for the genres, the sound is continuing to flourish and reach new audiences. Having been around for 10 years, Vaporwave and Future Funk encapsulate a lot of millennial internet culture and in a way paved the idea of nostalgia in mainstream dance and pop music – for example, The Weeknd’s Dawn FM. Check out Yung Bae’s top Spotify tracks below. By clicking “Play” on the playlist, anyone reading this article will know why Yung Bae is an artist that the global EDM scene should not ignore.

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