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Canadian duo, Zed’s Dead announced the first North American tour for Deadbeats record label.  The tour coincides with their Sirius XM radio show which premiered earlier this week. The first XM show aired Wednesday. This first show features artists Party Favor, Noisa, Virtual Riot and changes pace with a little hip-hop and drum n’ bass. Deadbeat’s show will continue to air weekly on Sirius XM channel 52 at 6pm EST. 


The tour offers a diverse lineup of genres. The duo already distinguish themselves in their exploration of a broad spectrum of music. We expect the tour will deliver the same multiform curating a unique experience for fans. Anna Lunoe, Habstrakt, Keys N Krates, Mija, K?D, and Rezz are a few of the artists already announced for the tour.

In an email to fans Zed’s Dead writes:

“…With this tour we want you to not only become fully immersed in the Deadbeats world but to help create it with us. These dates will feature a mix of artists from the label, artists we love to listen to, a bunch of our friends, and some surprise guests….”

Deadbeats tour

Zed’s Dead has a knack for delivering seamless mixes of house, trap, dubstep, and other bass driven genres into sets.  It’s no surprise they are bringing those elements into their tour and weekly radio show. Zed’s Dead anticipates the best production since their first tour in 2010. In addition of course to a well-blended mix of acts and a ton of bass. If you’re a fan, you might not want to miss this one.

The radio show hosts music influential to Deadbeats while featuring exclusive ZD tracks among several others from Deadbeat’s label.  Rezz, Pusher, Kid Froopy, and GG Magree released music with the label earlier this year, and Champagne Drip’s Millenia EP  will be coming out July 14th. For those of you new to Zed’s Dead or interested in hearing some of the artists announced for the tour, you can also check out their Soundcloud.

Tickets for the tour are on sale now at the official Deadbeats website.  We can expect more cities and lineup announcements in the coming weeks.

If you’re looking for something to wear, Zed’s Dead / Deadbeats merch can be found on their official website.  They’re offering some pretty rad tees, tanks, shorts, and pins.





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