Zhu Returns to the Desert: Dune Tour 2018, Van Buren, AZ

Zhu and the Dune Tour 2018

Zhu returns to the desert on October 24, 2018, for yet another fantastic production at the Van Buren in Phoenix, AZ. If you haven’t experienced a Zhu show yet, he has a unique style of production, storytelling through music. His theme this time being “Ringo’s Desert”. Listeners will enjoy a journey full of music ensembles as Zhu paints a picture of life in the desert including love, quarrels, and conflict. Join Relentless Beats on October 24, 2018, for a night of EDM soulful music. Tickets on sale now.


His performances are iconic for live mixing. This time he will be showcasing a guitarist and saxophonist. Each musician is given a chance to play. Then as momentum builds, they battle it out while Zhu live-mixes from above. It loosely resembles the ways of old jazz music and it gives his performances a unique edge. They incorporate a spectacular mixture of rehearsed music while improvising as they go. It can be competitive at times, and it really draws in the crowd to see these musicians play their heart out on stage. Makes it more personal of a performance.

Not to mention, he will perform as well. Zhu is the main vocalist for most of his songs, with a beautiful soulful voice. Other times he plays the piano. Jamming on those keys, always rocking that unforgettable fedora. He and his musicians are always dressed in fancy clothes, which adds to the ambiance and performance. It’s definitely a noteworthy production you won’t see from anyone else!

Zhu does a fantastic job of using imagery. Everything from the lights to the LEDs on his stage are strategically placed to cast him in different shadows and hues to add to the performance. It’s entrancing to watch.

He also uses different platforms while performing. Sometimes he’s singing near the top of his desert inspired LED pyramid. Sometimes he’s lower on the stage, closer to the crowd,  playing his piano. It’s amazing how much stage space he utilizes during his performances. It gives viewers a lot to look anywhere in the crowd.

About Zhu

Stephen Zhu emerged in 2014 with “Moves Like Ms. Jackson,” a dance track made up of a medley of OutKast songs. He kept his identity anonymous, only referring to himself as “Zhu” and began publishing on the internet. After hype started building around his tracks, he released his first EP The NightDay in Spring 2014. Included on the EP was his hit single “Faded” which was nominated for a Grammy.

The following year, Zhu recruited an impressive roster of talent for his EP Genesis Series including collaborations with  Skrillex and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. In 2016 Zhu embarked on his first tour and released the hit single “In the Morning”. In 2018, he released the EP Ringos Desert, Pt. 1, featuring JOY on “Stormy Love, NM.” and Karnaval Blues on “Still Want U.” A full album was released later that fall. At age 25, he shows a lot of potential. Be sure to keep this artist on your radar. Check out his album Ringos Desert for a feel of his style of music.

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