Behind the Scenes of “Recipe For Jam” with Adam Holiday

Behind the decks, Adam Holiday fires some of his own tunes too – as a talented producer, he has had releases on 99 Waves, Shoefiti, Solid Groove, Suma and Enjoy It Productions. Influenced by some of the industry’s greats such as Todd Terry and Paul Van Dyk, his sound is wholly unique and promises to keep being innovative and evolve in the coming years. The amount of high-quality releases under Adam Holiday’s belt shows his ability to produce club-busting tracks that routinely tear apart audiences at his shows.

“Recipe for Jam” is the latest release to come from the South African DJ and Producer to which it can only be described as an insatiably funky 2-track EP that delves into the realms of House and Tech House and causing havoc on dancefloors. We caught up with Adam Holiday to discuss some behind the scenes info.

What was the inspiration behind ‘Recipe For Jam?

I have always loved the movie ‘Space Jam’ since I was a kid and I have always wanted to use the vocal sample in a house track. I know it has been used before but I felt like I could put my own spin on it. The track is built around the vocal sample, I also took inspiration from Dennis Ferrer´s remix of ‘Sabb — One Of Us’ where he uses this hypnotic bass sound at the beginning of the track.

What was the inspiration behind ‘Head Bop’?

Recently, I have been enjoying the vibe of the tracks that have been coming out from Green Velvet’s Relief Records and ‘Head Bop’ was inspired by some of those releases. It’s deep and very techy, I found the vocal on Splice and it fit the track really well. You will also hear very different sounds than what you are used to hearing in my music. I really enjoyed making this track, it was really fun to try and create something that is different from I usually put out. 

How would you sum up this EP in 3 words?

Driving, deep & dirty!

Describe your musical styling to someone who has yet to discover your music?

This EP will give you a good idea of my sound right now. I would like to think of my style as being banging peak-hour house music. I try to tell a story through my productions and live-sets. It’s all about having drums that make you want to shake your ass and basslines you can feel in your soul and not just hear. 

Can we hear any of your musical influences in this EP?

Definitely, I think this EP has a lot of musical influences however they are more surrounding the feel of the tracks, not so much from any particular artist but I’m definitely honing in on the tech-house vibe right now. I have also taken inspiration from different tracks that I have been championing in my sets recently. 

What are your opinions on the Tech House scene at the moment?

Right now it’s booming! Not just tech-house but the house music scene in general, if you look at the top 10 tracks on Beatport most of the spots are populated by house tracks. It seems to go in cycles, right now is the boom and it is a good time to be a house music artist. Also, I am really glad to see fellow South African artists doing so well in the international scene where you’ve got the likes of Black Coffee and THEMBA that are really at the forefront of the house scene. 

If you could produce any other genre of music what would it be and why?

Uplifting trance for sure! I know it’s still an electronic music genre but if I wasn’t making house music I would be producing trance. When I was younger I used to be really into the old school trance scene and even today I still listen to a lot of the tracks I used to listen to back then. I just love the old school euphoric trance vibe for the way it makes you feel and the amazing melodies.

Are you playing any festival or gigs over the summer?

It has been busy this summer with gigs so far, I have a few more booked towards the end of summer which I am really looking forward to. 

Talk us through your creative process?

To be honest, it’s different for each track I produce. I think what is important is to have some kind of starting point or some idea of what kind of track you are looking to produce. When I started producing I went into the studio with no direction and just ended up going in circles. My creative process now is to have an idea like a sample/vocal and build the track around this starting point.

Some tracks come together really quickly and others take time and end up being changed a lot. With this EP, ‘Recipe for Jam’ came together really quickly, I think I had the most of the track done in a few hours but ‘Head Bop’ on the other hand took a lot more time until I was happy with the final product. 

Finally, where can people go to download their copy of ‘Recipe For Jam’?

It is available from all good online music stores. Here is a link to the EP on Beatport.

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