Afroman Talks About the “WHOLEthing” in Exclusive Interview

Afroman recently featured on good vibes-filled "WHOLEthing" track by rising star HEwas

Afroman is one of rap music’s most memorable stars from the 2000s. Afroman’s top tracks such as “Crazy Rap (Colt 45)” and “Because I Got High” still remain very popular by old-school and new-school rap fans alike. Recently, Afroman signed onto the Cosmic Wire label, created by global influencer BJ Klock and viral producer BLAZAR, and the first track he released on the label was “WHOLEthing” with rising star HEwas.

By collaborating with HEwas, Afroman is merging the best of new-school electro-pop and old-school rap styles in this jammin’ “WHOLEthing” track. One can only imagine all the good vibes everyone will be having as they vibe to the track at a future music festival or concert. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with Afroman, a legend who just featured on an amazing “WHOLEthing” track and will definitely release more tracks on Cosmic Wire very soon.

Kenny Ngo: How are you enjoying 2021 right now?

Afroman: I’m enjoying, I’m the back to back Player of the Year. Two years in a row. It’s spectacular, I kicked it off with a Rapper-Licious Record deal with Cosmic Wire. Additionally, I just recorded three dope tracks, and new opportunities are opening every minute.

Regardless of the current pandemic that is still going on, how was your 2020?

2020 was great, it was good, and it was sad to see. It was a bad year for you, but it was a good year for me. The Lakers won, the Dodgers won, and Afroman won Player of the Year. This is not a joke and this is no gimmick. I had to get paid during a Pandemic.

You just made your debut on the label, Cosmic Wire. What is like working with Cosmic Wire so far?

Enthusiastic, state of the art, innovative.  On the frontier of my creativity as I stand on the foundation of my veteran-ism.

Additionally, you also recently released “WHOLEthing” on the label with HEwas. What is the track about?

My definition of the song is kind of grand, however, I can still narrow it down. A girl or a person, being a refreshing companion, until they become overbearing, mean, hostile, and they ruin the WHOLEthing. This “thing” being companionship/friendship.

How was the production process on “WHOLEthing” for you?

I got a booth, I got Pro-Tools and monitors, like everybody else. I pulled the email up, they played the track for me, and I did my vocals. 

How is it like for you to be working on music that mixes electro pop and hip-hop in comparison to your earlier musical works?

It’s like mixing the present with the past, the Mercedes Benz makes new cars, however if you look at an old one you can see the resemblance. Older music is played with organic instruments, newer music has more technological sounds, however you can still feel the soul in Funk. I believe this is a perfect combination mixing the present with the past. I kind of do it, in my career because I have acoustic instruments and sometimes I like funk keyboards.

Some of your classics include “Crazy Rap (Colt 45)” and “Because I Got High”. What do you think about your old classics still remaining popular to this day?

I’m proud of them, to put it short. They have stood the so called test of time, and I guess that’s ultimate test.

Do you have any remixes of the two aforementioned tracks that you liked?

Yeah, “Because I got High” (Positive Remix) and “Cold Fro T 5 and 2 Frigg Fraggz” that I did are my favorite remixes.

Are you planning to release any upcoming tracks on Cosmic Wire”?


It seems like the pandemic is about to get die down soon. Are you planning to go on tour and/or perform at any music festivals this year? That is, if the festivals will not be cancelled or postponed again.

Yes. Stay tuned for further updates and new information!

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