AIR APPARENT Discusses Newest Track “Dance” and More

San Francisco-based electronic music producer AIR APPARENT has released a new melodic, intriguing single called "Dance"

AIR APPARENT, an innovative electronic music producer from Atlanta, has released his newest track, “Dance“. Currently based in San Francisco, AIR APPARENT’s “Dance” is a track that features a lush and bubbly atmosphere that immediately captures the listener’s attention. AIR APPARENT starts “Dance” with a tranquil melody and intriguing vocals before arriving into a disco-like soundscape.

AIR APPARENT’s “Dance” follows up on “Cosmos“, which he released back on September 15th. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with AIR APPARENT, the artist who is going discuss what “Dance” is all about, how is San Francisco doing during this pandemic and any events he may host or participate in the near future. Also, download and stream “Dance” NOW, out via the Pug Life Records label.

Kenny Ngo: Since you’re currently based in San Francisco, how is the “City by the Bay” doing right now?

AIR APPARENT: It’s doing alright, as well as any! There was definitely a period of time where the whole city felt like a ghost town, but things are steadily opening up. A lot of places are open for shopping/doorside pickup, and a few local businesses are getting creative in these crazy times, offering pickups by the door or offering Zoom classes.

It’s a testament to the flexibility and the ability of humans to adapt to crazy situations. The other super nice thing is that it’s easy to find inspiration in nature nearby. I survive creative block by walking around Golden Gate Park.

You just released your latest track “Dance” on October 20th. Is there a story or background behind the track?

It’s kind of funny actually – my cowriter Lulu and I wrote “Dance” as a joke because we felt like we heard a lot of songs about this concept of running into someone at a club and being absolutely enchanted by each other and forming some sort of mystical connection. It always felt very cinematic and surreal. So we wrote our take on the song – if it happened to us and we locked eyes with someone magical across the room, we’d probably be too nervous to say something.

However, we’d probably try to dance the nervousness away, if anything! It came from specific experiences we had both had but chosen never to act on. So in a way, it’s a projection of what we’ve both wanted to do having been in that situation. On a more abstract level, it’s a song about dancing your fears away. Dancing alone can be a therapeutic escape during quarantine.

What is the most significant difference between the sounds of “Dance” and the sounds of your other recent single, “Cosmos”, which you released on September 15th?

I would say “Dance” is a lot more funk-flavored with influences of disco and electronic, whereas “Cosmos” has more of a modern trap/pop influence. I don’t like to stay in one lane in terms of genre!

Which types of emotions will you hope that “Dance” can evoke out of anyone who listens to it?

I want people to know that sometimes it’s easy to get caught in your own head with anxiety and nervousness. But it’s possible to break out of it and physically pry yourself out of your own head by trying something fun, like starting to dance!

You have released several amazing singles this year. Will the fans get to an upcoming EP or album from you soon?

Something is definitely in the works. I’m still deciding whether it’s an album or an EP, but regardless, fans have a lot of songs to look forward to.

Before COVID-19 occurred, what was the last show and/or festival that you performed at?

I was planning to perform at a local venue this year as one of my main goals for the year, but it kind of got swept away because of an unprecedented global pandemic!

Because of the pandemic, livestream sets and virtual festivals have now become the norm. Have you participated in any livestream sets and/or virtual festivals yet?

Not yet! But a livestream set on IG Live or Twitch is in the works.

Another thing that has become common is the presence of drive-in raves. Have you gotten a chance to view any of them yet?

I have not seen a drive-in rave myself! Part of the issue is that I don’t have a car. That means, step #1 is to find a car. Step #2 is to find a parking lot big enough in the city where a drive-in rave might happen!

Even with this pandemic that’s still happening, where do you go the most to unwind yourself after a day of creating music?

Golden Gate Park, the nearby beach (Ocean Beach) or my porch which, believe it or not, faces an urban chicken coop. I actually have to stop recording vocals in the mornings because the chickens are too loud.

If the pandemic died down, which location outside the United States will you like to visit the most?

Japan is always at the top of my list.

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