Alex Hosking Is Australia’s Electro-Pop Superstar in the Making

Alex Hosking is an Australian-born, UK-based rising star who has released amazing tracks filled with constant upbeat rhythms

Alex Hosking returned triumphantly with a self-released single called “Playing Up“. Alex Hosking is following on from her hit collab alongside PS1 titled, “Fake Friends“. The hugely talented Australian-born, UK-based artist is certainly making a splash in the music industry. Alex Hosking has also seen “Fake Friends” play frequently on BBC Radio 1, Kiss FM, Capital FM.

Additionally, “Fake Friends” has ranked in the Top 40 of the official UK charts with 26 million streams and counting. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with Alex Hosking, the young Australian artist who is enhancing her talent with every cool song she makes. Download and stream Alex Hosking’s “Playing Up” now. Or check out the music video right below as well.

Kenny Ngo: Hello, Alex. Even though we are still in the middle of a pandemic, how was your summer like?

Alex Hosking: Hello! Well, my summer was spent in Australia which is where I am from. However, it was winter over there and now I am in The U.K. so I have just been in constant winter this year!

You recently released your latest single, “Playing Up”, on September 18th. What is the reason behind the track and why did you decide to produce it?

The song is about being in a relationship with someone who was “playing up” and how it feels to be with someone like that! 

Is there a lesson in the track that each listener should learn from?

Don’t get played! Walk away!

Earlier this year, you released “Fake Friends” alongside PS1. Since then, it has millions and millions of streams worldwide. What do you think about the track’s popularity today?

It has been such an amazing experience! I absolutely love the song and I’m so glad it has been enjoyed by so many people! (Click on this link to listen to the track on Spotify).

“Fake Friends” also featured on BBC Radio 1, Kiss FM, and Capital FM. It has also ranked in the Top 40 of the official UK charts. How does it feel for you to see the track appear on aforementioned prestigious radio stations and also in the Top 40?

I feel so humbled! Again, it is awesome to love your own music but then to have so many people love it too! Its the best feeling ever!

Also in 2020, you worked with likes of QUIX, Bart B More, and De Hofnar. How was it like working with those awesome artists?

They are all such awesome boys! I love their music, I’ve always been a fan of each of their work! So it was easy being able to create music with them!

What was the last show you performed at before COVID-19 changed everything?

I went home for a small show in January in my home city called Adelaide it was such a great night and I seriously cannot WAIT to perform again!

Will the fans get to hear more music from you later this year or next year?

Later this year and next year! 1000000%, I cannot wait for what is to come!

Are you going to perform at any upcoming drive-in shows or livestream sets?

No dates set yet! But to be confirmed! So keep your eyes peeled on instagram for updates!

Since Halloween is approaching, what or who will you dress up as?

I just ordered a bunny costume! Haha! I love dressing up!

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