Andrew Galaxy Shares The Behind the Scenes Process of His Latest EP ‘Different World’

Andrew Galaxy is a fresh up-and-coming DJ and music producer that has been displaying his skills and talent as a promise within the Electronic Dance music scene worldwide. His releases, which feature a powerful sound and unique take on the Future Rave genre, have been received to great acclaim, putting his name high on the list of artists to follow. 

This time, his latest EP ‘Different World’ showcases his remarkable skills and impressive style that is surely one not to miss. We sat down with him to learn more about the process behind this outstanding production. 

Hello Andrew Galaxy, how are you?  

Hi, I’m fine thanks 🙂  

Your EP ‘Different World’ is officially out now, can you tell us what inspired you to produce this EP? 

I started with this EP in February this year 2022 and a first track what I started with was ‘I Am Acid’.  The latest one is ‘Cosmic Gate’ and I made it in August 2022. The main purpose of this EP is to show my skills in music, new tricks I learned in music production and to give a new experience for my fans. 

Does the EP have specific sonic or musical influences?  

Yes, definitely.  

Which track did you start working on first and did you have to overcome any struggles while producing the EP?  

It was ‘I Am Acid’ and I worked on this track the most time. It took me 72 hours. I think I did not have any struggles with releasing or with some tracks…Fun thing about ‘Ignited’ is, that I made it like in 14 days. I was on vacation with my cousin and I was really bored, so I started a project only with my headphones and a laptop now called ‘Ignited’. This track is one of my favorites in this EP. 
How does these tracks differ to your previous releases?  

It is a HUGE step compared it to my latest release ‘Life Of The Future’. 

What would you say you learned from the experience of working and releasing an EP? 

I learned a lot of new things…The biggest one is to keep going and do not stop producing in your free time. 

Are there any new genres you’d like to experiment with in the future?  

Yes, definitely. I have a 145 bpm Future Rave track in my list which I want release on Future Rave Music…Maybe a Future Rave x Rawstyle? Sounds incredible right? 😀 

How would you describe the EP to someone who hasn’t listened to it yet?  

It is new Future Rave EP with huge tracks with Techno, Future Rave, Melodic Techno and Acid influences.  

What advice would you give to someone starting their music production journey?  

Do not give up!! I started with music 2 years ago… Next February 2023 it will be 3 years. Take a free time sometime and make music from your heart, not from the heart of other producers… 

What’s coming up for Andrew Galaxy?  

For this year this is all, but next year will be much, MUCH bigger!! Thank you so much for this interview and a great day to my fans! 

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