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A bridge between EDM and trance music, Andrew Rayel is now bridging talented young performers and the music industry with his new label inHarmony Music. OneEDM had the pleasure to chat with the Moldovan piano prodigy and get the scoop behind his new label and his hopes for its anticipated bright future.

OneEDM: Your new label, inHarmony Music had its first release, “Mass Effect.” What was the inspiration behind it and why was it chosen to be the first single on your new label?

ANDREW RAYEL: After finishing my second studio album, MOMENTS (Armada Music), I started putting together the show, meaning the Moments world tour and I was kind of needing an intro track that would hit hard straight away and set the tone that I needed for my sets. That’s when I came up with “Mass Effect,” but by then it was already too late for that track to be included on the MOMENTS album, so I was keeping it and playing it exclusively for the “Moments” shows on tour. People loved it and started asking me about it. That’s why it was chosen to be the first release on my new label inHarmony Music.

OneEDM: How does it feel to have the responsibility of being a good role model?

ANDREW RAYEL: It’s definitely a big responsibility! I just want to show all the upcoming producers and DJs that it’s possible to be successful in this business if you work hard if you love music and you build up the right team behind you. That, together with inHarmony Music, they have a chance to possibly become DJ superstars and tour the world.

OneEDM: Your onstage performances are massive, with an explosive energy. Where do you get all that energy for giving such a vigorous performance?

ANDREW RAYEL: To be honest, in real life, I’m very calm! [laughs] A lot of my friends back home [in Moldova] who know me well and who maybe haven’t seen me in a while were extremely surprised to see me like that onstage. This energy evolved naturally and I always take it from the crowd. I know I have to give them 100% of myself to make it the best moment we’ve ever had together.

OneEDM: You recently took the “A State of Trance” stage at Tomorrowland performing “Mass Effect.” Could you tell us more about the experience and your emotions during that performance? How did the audience react?

ANDREW RAYEL: The audience reaction was insane on “Mass Effect,” probably because they knew already the track because I’ve been playing it in every set since Ultra Music Festival in Miami [this year]. Also, the Tomorrowland crowd is special, you know? Tomorrowland is one of my favorite festivals and also A State of Trance is one of the best concepts. Put them together and you get easily one of the best shows of the year.

OneEDM: Now that you are the label chief and head of A&R for your new label, inHarmony Music, can you tell us some of the new faces/names you’re excited about signing to your new label?

ANDREW RAYEL: There are a lot of talented producers and names out there, you have no idea! Before launching the label, I was thinking that it’s gonna be hard to find quality music that I like and that I’m ready to release on my label. I was working on a lot of my own music to schedule it first for release and to have some time before the name of the label is well known by producers and I have some time to gain some music. I was super surprised that after I announced the label, in less than one month, the release schedule for 2017 on inHarmony Music is already full! I already have music signed by David Gravell, Mark Sixma & Emma Hewitt, Willem de Roo, Leo Reyes, and of course, myself!

OneEDM: What are you looking for when signing new artists and tracks to inHarmony Music?

ANDREW RAYEL: The rule is very simple: I will sign anything that I would play in my live sets. Obviously, it has to have the right quality and sound and I love different types of sounds, so the spectrum of music on inHarmony Music will be very large.

OneEDM: Radio shows are becoming an excellent way to step up the sharing of playlists and personal favorites for artists. Can you tell us about your radio show, “Find your Harmony,” and how you set it apart from others?

ANDREW RAYEL: First of all, this is the platform to go for all the exclusive tracks from inHarmony Music. Everything will be premiered first on Find Your Harmony Radio show one or two weeks before the release date and before the promo is sent to other DJs. The initial concept was always to have fast transitions and mash things up in different ways just so I can fit more tracks in one hour, but also to make the mix interesting and special. We are currently working on some more tricks that will be exclusive for FYH Radioshow, so stay tuned!

OneEDM: The hashtag #RayelFamily, what’s the story behind it? What does it mean to you and your fans?

ANDREW RAYEL: The #RayelFamily was made by fans and I’ve noticed it on Instagram and Twitter. More and more people were posting it. I picked it up and started using it as well because I saw that my fans created it and they love it. Years after, it became this huge family of people that like quality music, who all found their harmony and are ready to spread it with the rest of the world.

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