Artists to Discover: Chicago Native, Ryan Nevis

Interview with Ryan Nevis, a multi-genre artist from Chicago.

Cullen Bunker: What is your favorite thing about the music world?

Ryan Nevis: For me, it’d definitely have to be the unity and just how music brings people together. Two people can be opposites in so many ways, but sharing the same love for music just unites them. When I go to a concert, I don’t see any negativity. I feel like the energy that music creates, just allows people to have a blissful getaway.

What is your biggest goal that you are striving to reach before 2020 ends?

Many artists are always aiming for numbers, whether it be a number of streams or followers, or anything really. I think for me, just trying to have my music touch people and make them feel something, is my ultimate goal. For 2020, being the tough year that it’s been, I think my biggest goal is to just connect with more music-loving individuals and really just form a beautiful community around my music and what I stand for.

Last month you released a new single, “Sunset Drive”, how have fans responded to this song?

“Sunset Drive”, for me, is one of those records which really take you back to those summer days where you were just carefree and vibrant. My supporters have really seemed to resonate with this record way more than I expected. Because every song I release is different from the previous, they’re always in for something new. I’ve gotten countless messages telling me that the record has been on repeat, and have also gotten many messages of my supporters sending me videos of them playing the piano piece in the record! It’s just a wholesome feeling to know that they really resonate with the song!

What’s your favorite part of “Sunset Drive”?

I think the common answer would be the drop of the record, and while that’s a really gorgeous part of the song, I think my personal favorite would have to be the breakdown! It contains a very delicate piano piece with just Amber’s vocals, and it can get really groovy if you really listen! Beware!

Do you have a routine you get into before sitting down to create a new song?

Honestly, I don’t think there’s ever a routine for me. Whenever I sit down to create music, it’s probably only when an idea has sparked in my mind. In that case, I rush to my drawing board, i.e, my studio! But before actually sitting down and producing the record, I like to sit on the piano for a while and just play out what I’m feeling, and ultimately translate that into a record.

You have a decent amount of songs released, which one is your favorite, and why?

I think many artists can agree with me when I say that the favorite record is the one we’re currently working on! But if I were to look back on the ones I’ve already produced, I think it’d have to be “Just A Dream”’, which I did with my good friend Amber Shae. I really pushed my boundaries and really created a record that had so many different elements in it. From an emotional start to a bouncy drop, and ending with a nostalgic second drop, I think that record was for sure one of my favorites!

If you could headline at any music festival, which one would it be, and why?

This is a really good question, and I think I’m going to have to go with Coachella. I think Coachella is super diverse, in the sense that it doesn’t just feature EDM music. I love the fact that so many artists with such different musical interests playing at Coachella, and I love that.

Was there any defining moment in your life that led you to pursue a career in music?

I was really passionate about dancing at a very young age, but after going through multiple surgeries after an accident, music was what I turned to. However, this wasn’t the defining moment that made me realize that I wanted to pursue music. My eldest brother took me to my very first concert, and after seeing the energy and vibe of the festival and the people, it really hit me that music is something greater than all of us.

You recently moved, how has the move treated you thus far?

Moving during a pandemic isn’t really the ideal situation to move in. But something that has benefited me with this, is actually giving me the time and opportunity to be indoors and to just make music. Back in Chicago, I know I wouldn’t have the time as I do now, so I guess that’s really it for now! Oh yeah, and it’s way warmer here!

You’re releasing a new song on November 27, called “Lazy Sundays”. How do you plan on hyping your fans up for this release?

I love a song being more than just a song. I’m always about giving my supporters sneak peeks a couple of weeks before the release. And storytelling for me is a big part. Within the next few weeks, I’ll start to tell the story of Lazy Sundays” along with my good friends Amber Shae & Roman Pole, and I really feel that my supporters can resonate and be more excited for the record after seeing what it actually means!

What’s your fondest memory of the EDM community?

I don’t think there was just one specific moment, I think the collection of memories is what makes me fall in love with this community. It’s been an honor to meet so many kind and passionate EDM lovers throughout the course of my journey. Whether it be at festivals or through social media, I honestly don’t think there is a more wholesome community out there.

Is there a special story behind “Lazy Sundays”?

Being a producer, my story behind the record lies within the instrumentation. The way the song progresses and the feel of the combination of instruments and synths really tell a wordless story. The ‘feeling’, is the story I tell in this record. Roman Pole and Amber Shae, the two vocalists on this track, really took this song to a whole other level. We decided to have a duet on this track, so it’s able to tell a greater story from both sides of a relationship. “Lazy Sundays” really grew from heartbreak and the nostalgic feel of spending a Sunday with your ex-partner.

Finally, if you had to choose only one thing for your fans to remember you for, what would that be?

I hope they’ll remember me for keeping it real and true to them. I don’t make music to cater to a label, nor do I make music to follow the mainstream. They know me for making music from my heart, while always maintaining a personal connection with each and every single one of them.

Ryan Nevis is definitely an artist to keep on your radar in the next couple of years. Connect with him on Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify! While you’re at it, check out our last edition of Artists to Discover. He is a future star of EDM Chicago will get to experience and enjoy.

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