ASH HALO Talk About New Releases ‘Flare’ and ‘Let Me Go’

Hey ASH HALO, great to hear from you! How are you doing?

Dave: Great, myself a bit more than Sara. As you know, we had to delay this interview a few days because Sara just had a fairly major surgery. She’s healing up well and is in good spirits. We are both ready for the lockdown and restrictions in Canada to be over with.

Where did you find the inspiration for Flare & Let Me Go?

Dave: I think as many artists do, we used past personal experiences to find the inspiration for the lyrics of both songs. Let Me Go is an ode to being tired of how some things in life are so manufactured and fake, it’s about finding a way to escape conformity and finding originality.

Sara: Completely, and Flare draws from an animalistic sexy and confident vibe of knowing when someone is into you and being brave enough to just tell them you’re into it too.

How would you compare Flare & Let Me Go to some of your other releases?

Dave: Well, these are the first two originals that ASH HALO has released but comparing them to our previously released music respectively, my music has been primarily electronic pop and Sara’s music has lived in many different bass music genres but lastly lived in the dubstep realm.

This project has us finding a harmonious balance that met somewhere in the middle, allowing a pop writing style to influence a bass music vibe. We’re still developing our sound so be sure to see a wide spectrum of music coming from our future catalogue.

What is your favourite part of each track?

Sara: I’d say for Let Me Go it would be the reprise where the second drop transitions back to the first drop. For Flare it would absolutely be the second build, where we made a hybrid of the chorus and the drop to transition the two together.

Dave: Flare, The drop. Let Me Go, I love the gunshot and the keys riff interlude in the middle of the second drop.

Though our favourite part of both songs is the journey that they take you on. It’s an emotional ride of much to overcome with a damn sexy vibe.

What plugins did you use most for each of these tracks?

Dave: We use a lot of Serum, Substance, and Pigments, but any multi wavetable synth really can work for us, we use a lot of layers to create the sounds that end up in our songs. We love the dynamic EQ in iZOTOPE’s ‘Neutron’, so we use that to blend the different elements together. We are big fans of the Accon Digital Multiply for the chorus’ and either the Fab Filter Pro R or Valhalla for reverbs.

Flare & Let Me Go are so unique in terms of their sound, where do you draw your influences from?

Sara: We’re glad you think so! We are definitely inspired by songwriting duos such as Purity Ring, Sofi Tucker, and Phantogram. But we also get a tonne of inspiration from artists such as Zhu, The Bloody Beetroots, SebasiAn, and Oliver.

Dave: Outside of specific musical influences we draw inspiration from that feeling that makes you want to move. That feeling that whether you are dancing or not, inside you are, while you’re walking with your headphones in or riding your bike, that feeling that makes everyone feel like they are on the biggest stage the world has to offer.

Who would you love to see supporting this release?

Sara: There are too many to list them all. I’ve been doing this a long time and these names are all homies by this point. But if I were to shout out some I’d definitely say Excision, Liquid Stranger, KeysNKrates, Adventure Club, Snails, Downlink, Reid Speed, Jelecee, Mark The Beast, Stylust, Grandtheft, Skratchbastid, Terravita, The Funk Hunters, Thugli, & Black Tiger Sex Machine. These are all artists who have supported me in some form or another over the years. This industry really is a giant family.

What techniques do you use to keep your creative spirit alive?

Dave: Making music in genres that we don’t usually write in. It’s fun to experiment outside of our comfort zone. I met an incredible hip-hop artist yesterday and was inspired by our confident desire to collaborate on a track to the point where I went straight to our studio and made a beat that will likely end up being the song we work on together. Pushing the boundaries and crossing borders fuels the motivation and drives the creative mind.

How has your musical style developed over the past year?

Dave: I finished my first bass music track in 2020 and heavily relied on Sara’s experience combined with my experience in making pop music to do so. Ironically, through all of what I have learned about making bass music, I now am finding myself applying those skills to making pop music more so than the other way around. A full year in lockdown really allows an incredible number of new skills to develop and be mastered. 

Can you let us into an exclusive for any projects you have coming up soon?

Sara: Yeah of course, we have two more tracks that should be coming out late summer/early fall. One is an anthemic upbeat track that Dave sings on, and the other is a story about overcoming an abusive relationship.

Other than that, we are slated to shoot a music video once I’m back in good health this summer, and will be wrapping up some exciting collabs. This year has been fantastic for creation in the studio, but we absolutely can’t wait to finally throw down live as ASH HALO.

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