AUGUSTE: Melodic House Talent From Paris

The up-and-coming house music star from Paris just recently relocated to San Francisco.

AUGUSTE is a young, prospective melodic house music producer from France. The up-and-coming AUGUSTE, who just relocated from Paris to San Francisco, has a unique electronic music style that he amazingly blends with diverse rhythms and synths. This colorful blend of music stems from a childhood background where he got the privilege to experience many cultures. In the first two months of 2022, AUGUSTE have released “Together” (his first single of this year), ” Broken Waves”, and “Kayar”.

He is building off an impressive 2021 where he released his tracks on a prominent label such as Sirup Music. Additionally, last year saw him working with compatriot and melodic house producer, Hugo Cantarra. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with AUGUSTE, who discussed his first single of 2022, working with Hugo Cantarra’s imprint, and future musical plans. Furthermore, check out his music by listening to the track from his Spotify link below this paragraph.

Kenny Ngo: Hi AUGUSTE, how are the first couple months of 2022 going for you?

AUGUSTE: It has been very good, thank you! I recently moved from Paris to San Francisco and this new environment is giving me loads of inspiration for producing music. I will have my first set in California next week and really looking forward to that.

What were the accomplishments that you think were the most memorable for you in 2021 in your opinion?

2021 was a very big year for me, I met Hugo Cantarra, who has given me so much support the past few months which I am very grateful for. I have also started working with Resonate PR who have provided lots of amazing opportunities.

I feel I have really refined my production too and have signed lots of tracks with exciting labels which I can’t wait to announce soon!

You had recently released your first single of 2022 titled, “Together”, on January 7th. What is the track about?

“Together” is a very special track for me, as this is the track that allowed me to get in touch with Hugo’s label, KIDS Record Foundation. This track was produced towards the end of lockdown, and conveyed all the excitement felt of finally being together and dancing all as one once the restrictions had been lifted.

How is it different from your other notable tracks, particularly “Crystal Streams” and “Nambi”?

“Together” is a track which is much more focused on the energy compared to my previous releases which have been more melodic oriented. These are all a fusion of Afro with progressive house which I have loved doing.

What made you consider creating a track like “Together”?

I wanted to create a track with meaningful and memorable lyrics which could all be chanted together when this track is played. All the while, I wanted to keep my signature style whilst increasing the pace.

“Together” is released under Hugo Cantarra’s KIDS Record Foundation imprint. How is it like working with him and on the imprint?

Working with Hugo is amazing, he has taught me so much and provided many special opportunities. I also respect heavily the work KIDS Record Foundation have done. All of the profits focus on providing education to unprivileged kids.

How did you start your music career?

I started very young playing the piano as a child. At the age of 16, I started to learn how to use Fl Studio. Over the course of lockdown, I really focused on my craft and decided to release seriously through labels. Releasing my first official track with Sirup Music called “Back from Earth”.

Do you have any notable successes and setbacks in your music career that you would like to share?

I had some very memorable DJ sets this summer. My favourites being on rooftops in Portugal and an 8-hour set in the forests of England.

As COVID restrictions got loosened (and tightened again and loosened again and so on), did you perform at any events? Especially music festivals?

I had great opportunities to mix weekly in Paris before moving and will hopefully start mixing frequently in California!

What do you hope to see in 2022 for you?

The main focus is to release unique music in a style no one has ever heard before. I believe if I am able to accomplish that, further success will follow.

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