BadVice DJ Talks About “You”, ‘It’s Vice Time’ and More

BadVice DJ just released his newest single, "You" on July 29 via Sirup Music.

BadVice DJ is an innovative and fantastic DJ from the historic Italian city of Venice. Born as Alvise Catullo, BadVice DJ creates electronic dance music that incorporate various styles such as pop-house, slap-house, and future rave. The Venetian artist has concurrently released bass-heavy remixes of club and hip-hop bangers as well. BadVice DJ has released tracks that featured in more than 200 playlists in 70+ countries; some of the tracks include “Sunshine In Your Eyes” (which reached the top 10 on the iTunes Dance chart), “Make It Last” featuring Chris Willis (which featured in the top 20), and “Bam Bam” featuring the well-renowned Flo Rida (featured in the top 50).

Most recent, BadVice DJ released his latest single, “You”, on July 29 via Sirup Music (listen to the track by clicking “Play” on the link below this paragraph). It has influences from Top 40 pop, house, and modern slap-house, which guarantees an memorable track for all to listen. It also allows anyone who listens to track to think about people who are close to their hearts while they are dancing to them. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with BadVice DJ, the exciting DJ/producer who is also the host of his own radio show, It’s Vice Time.

Ken Ngo: Hello there! How are you? How has your summer been right now?

BadVice DJ: Hello, thanks for having me. My summer has been great so far, just working hard preparing new music.

For anyone who do not know who you are…how do you describe your own style of music?

The style of music I produce are house/pop house and recently, I have entered into the world of slap house and future rave. My music style is ever-evolving and I always like to change music styles to keep things interesting.

Why did you decide to become a DJ/producer?

Music has always been my passion since I was a kid. I got more serious into producing about 10 years ago when I realized it was more than just a hobby for me and something I wanted to pursue seriously.

Onto the music that you have created, you completed creating your latest track, “You”, which you just released on July 29th. What is the backstory behind “You”?

My new single, “You”, came out after I released “Feel Lonely”. It was when I realized I liked this new style of music and wanted to go in a new direction. I found it matched better with my sets, especially the rave mix versions.

What do you think “You” will do for those who listen to the track?

I think people will listen to this song and be reminded of someone special to them, with positive vibes. It’s a versatile song that can be listened to in different situations. However, the rave version is great for dancing to in clubs.

How do “You” compare to your previous hits such as “Sunshine In Your Eyes”, “Make It Last” featuring Chris Willis, and “Bam Bam” featuring Flo Rida?

“You” is a completely different genre. It is more modern and in the slap house style. My older songs were more pop/house, which was popular at the moment they came out. It is always interesting to see how times change and music along with it.

It looks like you have your own radio show called It’s Vice Time. For anyone who is currently residing in the United States, where can they listen to It’s Vice Time on?

For anyone who is living in the USA, my radio show is on EDM Sessions in Las Vegas and Miami and 103.3 Amp Radio in San Diego.

How is it like being the host of your own radio show?

It’s great to be the host of your own radio show. It allows you the freedom to share the music you like the most in many countries around the world.

What are your next plans in the rest of 2022 and beyond? Any upcoming tours/festivals?

At the moment, I plan on producing more tracks, and I have new releases with international collaborations coming out soon, so be sure to look out for those!

Since you are from Venice, what are the best nightclubs and/or entertainment venues that you can recommend the fans to check out when they are visiting the city?

Since Venice is a historic city, clubs are not allowed on the island. However, there are many great ones in the surrounding areas, such as Il Muretto and King’s Club in Jesolo. Venice does have occasional parties in the palaces along the grand canal during holidays such as the Venice Film Festival and Carnevale di Venezia. Those are always great times, so I would recommend those.

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