Behind the Scenes of ’19AX01′ with Jens Mueller

Jens Mueller is a German DJ and Producer who loves all things techno. Jens is the owner and founder of record label Sound Kleckse Records and Techno Pressure Records. He has been playing behind the decks since 1994 and performing DJ sets in some of the worlds most popular clubs. We caught up with him to discuss his latest two track Techno EP ‘19AX01’

What was the inspiration behind 19AX01?

In this track, I played around in my studio with some synths, pads and instruments and I found the synths hits, which I really liked. So I started to use them adjusting with some delay reverb and other stuff, added some nice kicks and drums and that was it! I just had fun with it.

What was the inspiration behind 18XL03?

For that track the most inspiring element was the rhythmic percussion synth. And so I made sure that sound is the main focus in this production.

Both names of this EP are almost code-like, is there a meaning behind it?

Yes, your right it is a kind of code, that code I’m using whenever I start producing a track. I find it hard to come up with titles. The number in front of the code is the year and the two letters describing the month in which I started the production ‘L’ was in December and ‘A’ in January. The last number is only an index 1 first track in that month and so on.

How would you describe the EP as a whole?

It’s a nice compilation of two tracks, one of which is a little bit softer in the realm of techno and the second track is a bit closer to tech-house. I like to listen to these when the sun is shining and it gets me into a good mood.

What was it like working with indie label Intact Dark Balance?

I love working with indie labels, it’s often much easier in the complete process and a bit faster in publishing the music instead of big labels which have often a long prepared schedule.

The boss of Intact Dark Balance (Sasha Romaniuk) was amazing and we had great communication and a great workflow.

Did you come across any difficulties with creating this EP and if so what were they?

Not really, the productions of both tracks worked really well! Sure, every track needs some fine tunings a few days later.

How do you overcome writers block?

Sometimes its really hard, there are days when I go to my studio and everything is working well and sounding good and I have a good flow. But on some days I have that annoying blockage. Then I’m trying out synths, drums, kicks and other stuff but nothing really fits. On those days I stop producing because it don’t makes much sense. To get out of that rut I find that it’s often good to distance myself a bit from my music. That can be in different ways like listening to other styles of music like punk, pop or something else. If that doesn’t work I end up playing some sport, being in nature and doing things like that. Normally these phases of blocks are over after a few days, and then I can restart with fresh ears and new power in studio.

Can we hear any of your influences in this EP?

For sure, in nearly each of my productions you can hear my ‘signatures’. I love to use synths or other elements and manipulate them with reverb and delay and use this delay in the breaks to develop a tension which ends I a nice drop back to the beat.

Can you give us an exclusive of whats next to come for Jens Mueller?

The next tracks are mostly a bit harder in style as this release on IDB. Confirmed is a two-track EP on Sopik’s label Finder Records. Both tracks are produced on days where there was bad weather, which influenced me to make a darker and harder sound.

But besides this confirmed release I have some other tracks ready.

And two of them are again more of a tech-house sound. One will be released on my friend’s label Head Cuts Records Ibiza and the second is made with a funny melodic vocal and groovy rhythm.

Where can we go to download ‘19AX01’?

You can find the ep in all major online stores like Beatport or you can stream it in portals like Deezer YouTube or SoundCloud

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