Behind The Scenes of Jacob Colon’s New Release ‘Sueños’

Hovering above the saturated New York House music ecosphere, Jacob Colon has risen above the clouds to establish himself as one of the East Coast’s most prolific House DJ/Producers. His recent releases on Juicy Traxx, Nervous Records, Unquantize and his own imprint Made 2 Move have made him a rising force within the American Electronic music scene.

Jacob Colon’s ‘Sueños’ is the adrenaline-fueled, atmospheric banger we’d been waiting for. Releasing on February 12, 2021 on Juicy Music, this one is going to hit the dancefloors hard this summer. Straight off the bat, we encountered a powerful drum line to groove to.

Afterwards, the track slowly progresses into a melodic masterpiece. A main synth which instantly loops in your head is added, building to a drop big enough to get any crowd jumping. The influences of his Latin heritage can be heard in the veins of this track. Additionally, it is a perfect accompaniment to the progressive, energetic House vibes he has gained recognition for.

Known for his Latin-inspired beats that feature catchy melodies, top-end mastery and Spanish influences throughout, Jacob Colon continues to impress. His consistent stream of wonderfully addictive house music has continued into the new year. There is plenty more to come from this producer. We can’t wait to see what he has in store lined up.

One EDM has sat down to discuss Jacob’s brand-new release ‘Sueños’ to see what it’s all about.

Great to have you here, Jacob. How’s it going?

Things have been going well on my end. I’ve been healthy, safe and as always producing in the studio.

‘Sueños’ – it’s amazing. How did it come into existence?

Early on in my career, I met Stede & Hybrid Heights and at the time, sent this song to them just to show them what I was working on. At that time, the framework of the drums, melody and vocal sample had already been created, but the song wasn’t really a song yet. It was more of an idea that I was stuck on. Right away, they asked me if they could work on it, and of course my answer was yes.

When did the track start and how?

This song has been in the treasure chest for a little while now actually. I began the track like always with a drum pattern. The drums weren’t really completed yet, but I moved along with the vocal sample and built the melody lines around it. Later, I sent it over to Stede & Hybrid Heights as an idea I was working on.

How long did the tune take to finish up?

Originally, this song was held for a label that Stede & Hybrid Heights had in mind and had it held for a few years. We later went back to it, made a few adjustments and signed it over with Robbie Rivera.

If you could describe it in 3 words, what would they be?

Drums, Melody, Catchy.

What hardware and software did you use on the track?

Logic Pro has been my go-to. I didn’t use any hardware on this track.

Is this one of your personal favorites?

It definitely is. The feedback has been great and I’ve got some pretty big plays with it. DJ’s like Nicole Moudaber, Robbie Rivera and others have been supporting it, which has been great to see.

Where can we find the track?

It is currently out on all audio platforms via Juicy Traxx.

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