Behind the Scenes of “LaLaLa” with Jaksan

Jaksan is an artist who is taking the scene by storm recently with huge releases such as ‘Blow Out’, ‘House Party’ and even more recently his biggest release to date ‘LaLaLa’. This track is out now on Claude Von Stroke’s DirtyBird Records. The rest of the industry is starting to take notice of the breath of fresh air that Jaksan provides with each of his productions. We caught up Jaksan to discuss ‘LaLaLa’.

Where did you get the inspiration from for ‘LaLaLa’?

It started with the Vocal Sample and once that was in place I knew I wanted to keep it as the center of attention and keep the track simple.

How long did it take you to produce this track?

It actually only took me one day

What plug-ins did you use?

Serum & Sylenth1

What advice did you find most valuable when starting out?

Just have fun and finish your tracks

What must all new producers avoid when making music?

New plugins and samples are amazing for inspiration but they aren’t a necessity to make great tracks

How did it feel when you found out ‘LaLaLa’ was going to be signed to Dirtybird?

So exciting! I was just attending Dirtybird Campout the month before I was signed and was hanging out with people at the camp and they kept telling me my tracks are going on Dirtybird soon and sure enough less than a month later one of them was.

What was it like working with Dirtybird?

Honestly it’s the best label experience I’ve had so far. The label manager Deron is great and makes the relationship feel so organic.

Have you got any more productions in the pipeline?

I do actually have some solo releases scheduled but right now I’m really excited about all the collabs we’ve been finishing up.

Tell us a bit more about your own label Spanky Sounds?

I have a unique sound that can have trouble finding a proper home and I know the tracks work on the dance floor. So, I created Spanky Sounds to release those tracks and keep new music constantly releasing.

 Where can we keep up to date with what you’re up to?

For day-to-day updates I post a lot on my Instagram story @almightyjaksan

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