Behind the Scenes of Lorely Mur’s “Brain Drain Daydreamer”

Mexican techno trailblazer Lorely Mur has a string of seriously impressive achievements under her belt including headline sets for Zulu and Da Groove, supporting sets for legends such as Juliet Fox and Deborah De Luca along with landing a residency at the infamous Hardpop Club in Mexico. She has constantly impressed with her deep and dark Techno hits such as Interstellar Mission EP with Eclipse Recordings, her Frission EP with VISIIONS and her critically acclaimed track “Juno” with SLC-6. In celebration of her recent release, “Brain Drain Daydreamer”, we caught up with Lorely Mur to find out more about the track.

One EDM: Tell us about the inspiration behind Brain Drain Daydreamer?

Lorely Mur: “Daydreamer” is meant to be chaotic. Daydreaming is when there’s so many things in your head that you can’t really pay attention or focus. This came to me while working in a track and started to daydream.

How do you approach creating new tracks?

Every track varies. It depended on many things. It can be my mood, sometimes I am super melancholic and come up with some melodic chords. The environment where I create my tracks is the most important thing. I’m sometimes tired of sitting in my studio for hours so I get lost in nature with my computer and sometimes a synth and start to jam. All tracks come out of nothing, I start to create or put together pre-recorded elements that eventually completes the track. I love using external gear, I don’t use many plug-ins (yet) I use them mostly for effects, but I usually jam for hours and find new sounds with the groove.

What were your goals before creating BDD?

I always expect constructive feedback on all my tracks, this is a continuous learning process for me! I’m not surprised Mon.Ton’s remix got in top 100 charts. He’s a very good producer which I’m always so honoured to have the opportunity to learn from him.

What’s your favourite part of the tune?

On my track, I like the incorporation of acid. I am very attracted to acid sounds which makes the most enjoyable part when creating a track.

Who would you like to see supporting the release?

Any support is greatly appreciated. It makes me happy when people like my music, if you are DJ, producer, dancer or just a listener.

How has the initial reaction been?

I’ve had so much positive feedback from many artists. I’m very honoured it went well with my first release with Lakota. Theres always a lot of pressure always on the first release with a new label.

Tell us more about the Mon.Ton remix?

Mon.Ton’s remix is fire! He’s very detailed and so good. I love how he converted the track but left the most important elements for me (some drums, vocal and acid line). The drop is insane, he cleaned many elements and did this calm after the storm feel… if that makes sense haha.

Do you have any more releases on the horizon we can look forward to?

My next scheduled release will be with a Mexican Label called NULL where I’m releasing my track Melena and right after I’ll release Escaramuza. Also, I’m closing things with another Mexican Label named Common Senses where I’ll release my track with an intro named DUSK. Joining these two labels are a big exciting step for me because this type of techno is scarce in Mexico and I’m so grateful to be a pioneer for the genre.

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