Behind the Scenes of ‘Somebody’ with the Vessbroz

Brothers Armia and Arsham make up Vessbroz, a DJ and producer duo who have been absolutely killing the scene ever since their debut release back in 2015. With some incredible achievements under their belts along with their ever-growing podcast Electro Vessel and record label, these boys are one of the hardest working duos in dance music. We caught up with them to discuss their latest release ‘Somebody’ featuring Clara and Ika.

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What was the inspiration behind ‘Somebody’?

The funny thing is that we made the actual beat four years ago as one of our first bits of music we ever made. The original name was ‘Wine and Popcorn’ because when we were making it we were eating popcorn and drink wine! But after we sent the beat to Clara (singer) and Ika (co-producer) from Brazil they came out with these amazing lyrics and we loved their first version, we started to change many parts and adding new sounds to match Clara’s vocal.

What was it like working with Clara & Ika?

We never actually met them we always connect via Internet. Although we don’t have that personal connection, it didn’t stop us enjoying the process of making this song with them and we felt each other through our music like we’ve known each other for long time.

Sum up ‘Somebody’ in three words?

Forget about the past

How long have you been producing music together?

Actually we started making music together around 2015 so coming up to 4 years now!

What do you do when you have a creative block?

It’s very rare that this happens for us because we always fight for who’s idea goes next because we both are full of ideas all of the time, we’re so in sync it’s a little scary! When we get tired or we feel as if a project is not moving forward, we give it a break and go to gym, watch movie and listen to other artist’s song.

Did you overcome any struggle with the creation of ‘Somebody’?

Yes! Our drop wasn’t interesting enough and it didn’t represent our current sound because it was made such a long long time ago. So we tried so many different ideas, melodies and sounds till we came out with this choppy vocal kind of melody.

How would you best describe your musical style to those who haven’t heard it before?

Well, we try to combine the EDM genre with Pop whilst adding a taste of eastern sounds to it; we love to work with lots of vocals as well.

If you could produce any genre, what would it be and why?

Country music maybe? haha, We love Country music. I think maybe in the future we will try and set ourselves a challenge and add a country way of singing to our EDM style as well!

Who are your influences?

Daft Punk, David Guetta, Armin van Buuren, Tiësto.

Finally, what more can we expect from the Vessbroz this year?

We are coming with new releases every month and each of our upcoming songs are collaborations with different artists from all around the world.

We have a big release this year under one of the biggest EDM record label in the world too but we can’t announce the name yet, you could follow our social media to follow our daily life and releases or just to say Hi and be a friend

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