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BONNIE X CLYDE's "Love Is Killing Me" reached #1 on the USA Today Dance Music Chart earlier this week

BONNIE X CLYDE is currently one of the world’s most popular EDM duos. Old high school friends Daniel Litman and Paige Lopynski formed BONNIE X CLYDE in their Northern Virginian hometown of Fairfax in 2015. Since their formation, the BONNIE X CLYDE duo has quickly skyrocketed to the top of the EDM industry. They have headlined countless shows and festivals globally and released memorable tracks on labels like Insomniac and Ultra Records.

Their latest single “Love Is Killing Me“, which came out on June 25, 2020 via Ultra, reached #1 on the USA Today Dance Music Chart earlier this week. The achievement marked the second time the duo had a track that ranked #1 on the same chart. The first time was when their top-notch bangerBass Jam” did it back in 2017. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with BONNIE X CLYDE, the duo that continue to succeed each year with every successful track they released.

Kenny Ngo: How have you guys been doing for these past few months?

BONNIE X CLYDE: Not playing shows has been tough, but it has given us a lot of time to plan for the future of our music as a whole.

Your latest hit song, “Love Is Killing Me”, just reached #1 on the USA Today Dance Music Charts. What do you guys think about this accomplishment?

For us, this is a sign that we are going in the right direction.

When you guys produced the song, which types of feelings did you hope the track would evoke out of each person who listens to it?

This song is the about the juxtaposition between pain and love. How could something that feels so good hurt so much.

What made you guys decide to produce the song?

We make music that’s just what we do, we find a feeling and a theme and we run with it, everything else is fate.

“Love Is Killing Me” is the second #1 hit single that you have. The other #1 hit single was “Bass Jam”, which came out in 2017. What are the main differences between the musical styles of “Love Is Killing Me” and “Bass Jam”? Especially since both tracks are equally qualitative in their own way.

The biggest difference between the two songs is that “Bass Jam” goes half time and “Love is Killing Me” is full time.

Last year, the BONNIE X CLYDE duo embarked on a fantastic North American tour. The tour had you guys headlined 25 different venues, attracting 500-2,500 attendees. What was the most amazing city that you performed in during the entire tour?

Dallas, they just pull up, period. ATL (Atlanta) as well, ATL is the most unified city in all Dance music due to the unifying chant “ATL hoe, ATL hoe”.

What was the craziest moment for the BONNIE X CLYDE duo during the North American tour?

One weekend, we played three back-to-back fraternity shows on Halloween weekend. It was fun to go back to school and get a pulse from the next generation of festival goers. 

You also performed and headlined at various international music festivals such as the EDC festivals of Mexico, Japan and Korea. What has been your most favorite international festival so far?

EDC Korea was insane. Imagine eating Korean BBQ for lunch and dinner every day. 🙂

What was the last show or festival you performed at before COVID-19 arrived?

The last festival we performed at was Texas Live in Dallas, Texas.

Do you have anything that you want to say for music fans around the world during this hectic time?

Love you guys, make everyday a get better day no matter what the circumstances.

BONNIE X CLYDE Love Is Killing Me
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