Exclusive Interview With Bonnie X Clyde at BOO!

Bonnie X Clyde

Photography by Angelo Graciano

Bonnie X Clyde opened the night for One EDM and blew everyone away. Sticking to the theme of the night, the duo came out on stage in matching costume: Bacon and Eggs. A fantastic set, the duo blended multiple genres, played old and new tracks, and gave everyone a set that showed their unique style. They dropped their newest track “Torn,” and even shocked the crowd with Bassnectar’s “Bass Head.” Later in the night, we sat down with the duo who showed us nothing but love.

Q- How has your festival season been, whats the best thing that has happened since then?

Bonnie: We loved Okeechobee that was one of our favorite sets to date just because like, you know, not only were we out on the beach in the camping area, but I feel like we had such a large crowd.

Clyde: I felt the festival there, I felt the entire festival. Every other stage was shut down.

Bonnie: But since then we loved, loved, loved, EDC Vegas, we got to play 3 sets which were so fun. We recently went to Thailand which was super fun. The more shows we’ve been playing recently we’ve been trying to do little things to make them more memorable to make it so that they don’t all blend together. Like the bacon suit stuff right now; wearing bacon and eggs. I’ll always remember this show. This show was awesome.


Q- You guys are one of the most upcoming DJs in Arizona. How are you guys dealing with this fast rise of publicity?

Bonnie: Honestly, we are kind of in our own little bubble. We don’t see what everyone else sees because we are constantly on the grind. You know playing shows, going home making music. So, we are kind of stuck on that side. It’s even crazy to hear you say that because I didn’t even know that. It’s amazing, we want to become really close with our fans as much as possible. We love the meet and greets we are doing. It’s kind of surreal.

Clyde: It’s all part of it. Its a bigger mission and all of this is part of the mission. I don’t think about it as much I just try to live in the moment most of the time.

Bonnie: We are both very driven and passionate at what we’re doing. We have this goal in our mind and we are doing everything to reach it. If the crowd catches on it’s incredible, but we’re gonna keep going no matter what.

Q- How did you come up with your style? It seems very vocal and melodic.

Clyde: We call it vocal bass.

Bonnie: We both love trap music and I’ve been a singer my whole life so it’s kind of just innately in all the songs we made. I was always singing on them, and then it just kind of formed into what it is.

Clyde: Also, future bass happened and vocal manipulation became a way bigger part of the production and we kind of analyzed that in relation to our projects and in establishing our own genre. We try to add something real to it as well, with the writing side of things.


Q- Between the DMV, Florida, and Los Angles how would you compare all the different region that you’ve lived and performed in as Bonnie X Clyde?

Bonnie: We actually went to high school together. [In Virginia]

Clyde: LA! There is nothing like home, but LA!

Bonnie: Are you talking about in regards to the crowds or just the living in general?

Q- The overall experience in general. How would you compare them?

Clyde: In Miami, we grew. Bonnie X Clyde started in Miami.

Bonnie: You know it’s crazy I LITERALLY said to my parents I can’t wait to explore the world, so I can really find that place that is like my place. Because I love my home in Virginia, but I feel like that is not the place I’ll really end up. So, I’m always looking, but the more I keep traveling I fall in love with EVERY place and I really don’t have a favorite place. Florida, I can’t get enough of the weather there and I love the beaches there. And the downtown Miami scene whenever we play its like super home base for us. Because we [Bonnie X Clyde] started there.

Clyde: We did a tour around Florida, 10 shows, by ourselves.

Bonnie: Our very first tour ever was just a tour around, because we started in Miami. It was really cool we had Florida on our backs.

Q- Who do you think was some of your favorite people to perform with, or who have you had the best time with?

Clyde: We’ve been fortunate enough to be on our own, and we’ve got to play with Carnage, Borgeous, Adventure Club. Honestly, they’re all really cool. It was cool when Carnage brought us up and we did the left, left, left, left, right, right, right, right. Borgeous brought us out, and we did the water bottle thing with Adventure Club last night. And we got to play the remix for their song right before they came out. Each show and artist is unique and I really don’t have a favorite because the dynamics between artist to the artist are so different so its hard.

Bonnie: I wouldn’t say they’re their too much of a favorite.

Clyde: I love playing our shows because you know the people in the room are there to see you. You know the people are here to see you and there is a different type of energy.

Q- Is there a reason you guys put an “x” instead of and?

Bonnie: Yes

Clyde: There is a bunch of reasons, Copyright 1. its a multiplier 2. X is I feel like-

Bonnie: X is very big in EDM.

Q- We thought it might be because it looks cool but we were also wondering if there was a story behind it.

Bonnie: Looks cool, but copyright.

Clyde: Yeah a lot of it is copyright.

Bonnie: Yeah, and also search-ability.

Q-  Besides this[Boo! Arizona 2017], what else do you have planned for Halloween?

Clyde: Frat shows! I love it! Frat shows are the best!

Bonnie: They literally just want to turn up!

Clyde: Dude, we’re going to Texas and Alabama next weekend! Then the next week we are doing a USC thing! And New Orleans with Oliver Heldens.

Q- What are your next Duo Halloween costumes?

Bonnie: That’s a great question! I want to be a criminal because we’re Bonnie X Clyde! So, one night I have to steal a fan. Like, kidnap them that would be awesome!

Q- What does Bonnie X Clyde look the most forward too for the rest of 2017, and is there anything in 2018 you want to give fans a sneak peak about?

Bonnie: We have a bunch of really cool songs coming out soon, but aside from our music, our shows are going to step it up a notch. We are big about surprising people.

Clyde: We’re going to have a legit tour soon where we do like dates, and twerk team, and an updated production.

Bonnie: Every set is going to be so different.

Clyde: Like a legit tour.

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