One EDM Interviews Canadian DJ Kilotile

Kilotile is a progressive house producer who will release a new album titled 'You Are Beautiful' on July 18, 2020

Making hits from a young age, Canadian born Kilotile is a DJ/producer who specialises in dance music. Kilotile has produced some great songs too. Remixing songs for artists like Demi Lovato, FloRida and Avicii, he has a lot of talent.

He is renowned for his songs in the progressive house genre. They’re reminiscent of Avicii’s earlier music. He has a new album out soon and it’s looking to be a good one.

Here’s an interview One EDM conducted with Kilotile:

Manav Pallan: How did you start your music career?

Kilotile: When i was 15, I heard David Guetta’s album “Nothing But The Beat”. One of my favorites, so because of this album I started making music at the same age. A year later, I heard Avicii’s debut album True and that’s when i switched the favorites from Guetta to Avicii.

What is the best song you’ve made?

My favorite song I have made is “Here We Go Again” featuring one of my best friends and collaborators Brandon Watt. We recorded this in 2014, it was actually my very first song I worked on with a featured artist. 

What song is your favourite right now?

My favorite song is “Little Bad Girl” by David Guetta & Taio Cruz.

What’s your view on DJ sets in lockdown?

I think it gives DJs more time to practice and rehearse their sets in the future concerts after lockdown which is a good thing.

What’s your favourite festival and why?

Ultra Music Festival because that’s the very first festival I want to play in front of a very big crowd.

What are your plans for the future?

To become a successful and famous DJ/producer to make money for me and my family. 

Who’s your favourite DJ? Do you have any DJs that inspired you?

Avicii, because his chords melodies are beautiful and melancholy it’s incredible. As I mentioned in the first question, David Guetta was my inspired DJ at first then Avicii took over.

What cool projects are you currently working on?

I’m actually working on a debut horror film called The Sighting, which will be on YouTube in 2021.

What’s your current view on the EDM scene?

I think it’s incredible because people are learning how to make electronic dance music and it gives other people a chance to unite and reunite when going to EDM festivals.

Who’s your favourite non-EDM musician?

My favorite non-EDM musician is Elton John.

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Kilotile has a new album out on July 18th it’s titled You Are Beautiful. He has been very kind to share a snippet of one of the songs featured on the album. Have a listen here:

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